Thursday, May 2, 2024

Key party

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The Andersons were hosting a key party with their swinging friends, it was a regular get together for them all. The Andersons wanted to throw a little twist to spice things up. Once everyone arrived and was ready for the night's activities, they would do a typical key swap but instead of swapping partners, the women would be swapping bodies with each other. Afterwards they were free to do with their new body as they wished until the end of the night. 

With all the girls swapped bodies and everyone very confused who was who, the girls thought it would be hilarious to take some group pics. They could share them on social media and no one would know that it was a sex party or that the people in the pictures weren't actually the people who were in the bodies. 

So, the night started with an array of group photos before everyone slowly dispersed and the real fun began…

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Andrea found herself in Jess’s body. It was a stark change to her thin form. The tightness around her breasts as the bra contained her borrowed mountainous tits. Exploring the party, the sway of her hips and the felling of being so womanly made her ache in arousal.

Eventually she found her Husband, he was amongst a bunch of the guys. Ignoring the rest (one of which being this bodies husband), she grabbed her husband by the hand and dragged away to a private room. Exaggerating the feminine sway of her new thick body, knowing her Husband appreciated the view. 

As soon as he shut the door behind them, she was all over him. Making use of her voluptuous form to engage her lover, he loved the novelty of her new huge tits. Before long, she was straddling him, his cock in her unfamiliar slit, thrusting back and forth, her new flesh rhythmically recoiling, hypnotically arousing. Her full tits swinging over her Husband’s face.

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Across the hall in another of the many bedrooms, Jess was making full use of Andrea’s body. She too had found her Husband and the two snuck away to  some privacy. They quickly got down to ‘business’. 

Jess was enjoying the liberation of his much lighter and slimmer body. She was throwing herself around the bedroom, part thrill and excitement, part sexual enjoyment. The two were exploring positions that never quite worked. Her Husband was struggling to keep up with his now much more energetic partner.

She knew her Husband loved her tits and she loved how much her curves turned him on but this experience was unforgettable. 

Their session ended prematurely as her Husband orgasmed uncontrollably. His partner’s new found vigor pushing him over the edge. Maybe she should go see what everyone else was up to whilst he recovered.

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Eddie must’ve been the luckiest person at the party. His wife Julie found him, she was in the body of Katie, a white woman. Eddie made some flirtatious jokes about her change of race. The flirting quickly turned to heavy petting and making out. 

Mid make out Eddie’s wife body walked in and said in a sultry manner “Don’t leave me out of this, after all you both know what this body likes.” Katie didn’t want to miss the chance to be in a threesome with her own body.

The three explored throughly. Eddie went from getting oral from his wife in Katie’s body to penetrating Katie within his wife’s body. The familiar feeling of his wife’s vagina contrasted by it being controlled by a new inhabitant. 

Katie lay on her back filled by Eddie’s dick, his experience with this body letting him hit all the right points. The pleasure overriding her was making it hard for her to concentrate on eating out her old pussy. She was trying her best to focus on moving her tongue, hitting her sweet spots and let Julie have just as orgasmic of an experience.

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