Friday, May 31, 2024

Interactive: Pre Shift Briefing

Scientists were able to predict the Great Shift before it happened, understanding that the whole world would be affected the world governments worked together globally for the first time ever. A fear that the world would collapse otherwise, everyone was given a briefing on the person that they were due to swap with, hoping it would ease the transition.

For global stability, you are expected to adhere to the details of the brief, at least until necessary arrangements are made.

You open your brief and the name at the top is…

How do you feel about your new life?

His little girl

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Thursday, May 30, 2024

The Great De-Shift

Caption text
The phenomenon that caused everyone to randomly swap bodies globally which had earned the name ‘The Great Shift’ undid itself 5 years after the anniversary of its occurrence. Thankfully scientists were able to get the word out just before this event which was called ‘The Great De-Shift’. For some it was amazing to be back to their real selves, others enjoyed their time post-shift and many felt foreign in the body that was once theirs, especially with the changes 5 years can make. College students at the time of the first shift, found themselves to have biological children, preteens were now through puberty, men returned to their body with their hair completely gone, plenty of people found themselves with tattoos that they didn't like or had any meaning to them and these all mundane experiences. 
Ellen was one of these people that weren't looking forward to their swap. She enjoyed life as the young man she spent time as for the last 5 years. She wasn't looking forward to returning to her obese body, dealing with the constant breathlessness, the sweating and all of other stressors that came with womanhood and obesity. 
She'd lost track of her body following the shift so when she experienced the 'De-Shift' she was shocked to see the changes over the 5 years. She found herself in a cheap apartment, dressed in a skimpy bikini. Her body felt foreign, not just because she'd been a man for 5 years but that it was significantly skinny. There was plenty of weight to the body but it was now from the excessively large fake tits and the BBL. The person had definitely done well to get her body much healthier and she appreciated it but they'd made other more irreparable changes. 
There was a note of the table saying "Hey, this is the person that's been in your body. Sorry for the outfit I just got off work. Sorry for the changes I made, I obviously had no idea we would swap back."
She walked into the bedroom, hoping to find some more modest clothes but she couldn't find anything that wasn't pink or revealing. Her concerns about the 'work' on the note was confirmed when she noticed the framed AVN award certificates on the wall. Her once chubby modest buddy was now a plastic pornstar bimbo and was desired by many.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Great Shift Reunion Party 1

Caption text

Great Shift Reunion parties became a major occasion/ trend for people after the Shift. It was normally a group of friends or family meeting up for the first time, often revealing their new body to their friends. It was a great tradition for post-shift bodily acceptance.

Braden checked himself out in the mirror, checking he looked good for the party later. When he first got this body he would study himself for hours, fascinated and aroused by the women he now was. The novelty of his new body quickly eroded and he came to see it as himself/ herself. He wasn’t sure how he felt regarding pronouns but that would figure itself out.

Now running his hands over his breasts, he studied his hair for any loose strands, his face for any makeup mistakes and his skirt for how it fit. Did it show off his butt too much? 

He didn’t know how his friends would react but he also didn’t know how a lot of them had ended up. Once the reunion party was announced they were encouraged to keep their new bodies on the hush to make it fun.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Weapon of mass destruction

Monday, May 27, 2024

Brotherly competition

Caption text

Brothers Jack and Hank weren't thrilled to have both ended up as young women at Exchange Island. Despite this they let their nature brotherly competition seep into their vacation. They argued over which of them was hotter. Of course, they didn't come to an agreement. They did agree the only way was to see who could sleep with the most guys by the end of the vacation. 

Almost instantly the brothers went their separate ways and got to their collective task. Jack (left) was brash and blunt with his pursuits, the inhabitants of the male bodies struggling to refuse. Jack would find the hottest guys on the beach, do the deed and walk right over to another man a few yards across the beach and rinse and repeat. Naturally, not everyone was willing. He assumed most of these were girls too stuck up to embrace their manhood

Hank, ever the opportunist had a better idea of how to optimise his efficiency. During the night he could party with all the young bodies who had the energy to stay up, he'd sneak to bathrooms and have a quickie, often he didn't even make it to the bathroom. In the daytime, Hank would find the loneliest, saddest old men and start flirting with them. The idea being that those who were upset that they landed in ugly, pervy, old men that a hot girl showing interest would make Hank's advances unstoppable. 

Hank's plan was successful. Jack had ran out of hot guys to sleep with and stopped there. Meanwhile Hank had sleep with all these guys and the oldies, nearly doubling Jack's numbers.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Messy break-up

First Commission! Thanks for the support!

Caption 1 text

Abby was sick of listening to her sister, Kendall and Kendall's boyfriend, Alex arguing. Every week, the two were screaming at eachother and if they weren't arguing, they were having loud angry sex. Alex and Kendall were deeply in love, and yet horrible for one another. Abby had had enough of their fighting and decided to do something about it. Anything to silence them down.

Abby stormed out of her room, her eyes scanning the bookshelf in the hallway for the right spell book. Her fingers ran across the spines of the books until she found the one she was looking for a dusty old grimoire that her grandmother had left her. The plan was the swap the two bickering partner's minds and add a splash of lustfulness. That would teach them to empathise with eachother. 

With a determined look on her face, she opened the book and began to read aloud. As she enchanted, the raucous continued, mostly muffled until a clear and determined shout from Kendall, "That's it! I'm breaking up with you." Abby gasped, interrupting the spell. Just as she realised the consequences of her pause, she fainted and fell to the floor. 

Alex came to, groggily. Last he remembered, Kendall told him she was breaking up with him then he immediately fainted. Alex got up, using the table to support him. Kendall's family must have moved him into the living room whilst he was knocked out. As he got up, there were some lingering effects from the fainting, his body felt so light and unfamiliar. 

Caption 2 text

When Abby woke up, she found herself in her sister's bedroom. She looked down at herself, still dressed in a similar a crop-top and underwear. Her eyes widened when she noticed that her breasts were much larger than she remembered. She quickly pulled the crop-top over her head, revealing her bare breasts. She realised that she was in Kendall's body. As she inspected her bigger breasts, she felt a strange warmth spreading through her body, a desire that she had never felt before.

Her self inspection was interrupted by a man's voice. "What the hell!". Swiftly turning to find the source of the voice, her fleshier form moving in unfamiliar ways. She saw Alex's body sitting on the bed, eyes glazed over in panic. 

"Alex, it's me Abby. This is all my fault. I'm so sorry." Abby confessed.

Alex's body looked up, eyes wide and mouth in a frown. "Abby?" he asked, confusion etched on his face but a predatory gaze underneath. Kendall in Alex's body was struggling with the strong sexual desires she faced towards her own body. A clear bulge through her pants grew. 

Both sister's had worked themselves into heighten arousal. Their bodies' existing attractions amplified by the lust spell gone wrong. Before Abby could explain what had gone wrong, she in Kendall's body and Kendall-in-Alex's body were going at it like the passionate lovers they looked like externally. They were so involved, they failed to notice Alex-in-Abby's body walk in and catch them in the act. Or the fact Alex had undressed Abby's body.

Caption 3 text

On his walk to investigate the noise, Alex realised he was in Abby's body. The dyed blue hair falling into his face made it obvious. He walked into the room and was shocked to see his body and Kendall's passionately making love. He thought about interrupting but his new lustful mind enjoyed the view far too much. Stripping down to play with himself while quietly spectating the passionate love, he came to realise that it was Abby is Kendall's body and Kendall in his. How crazy, Kendall was had just broken up with him and now she was him. 

As the two lovers changed positions, they noticed their voyeur. Kendall with her new male hormones and overwhelming arousal was clearly very pleased to see her sister's body naked and seemingly enjoying the view. She beckoned Alex to come join. Abby didn't refuse either, despite the blood relation of their forms. The lust spell was just too overpowering.  Alex approached the two lovers. 

Alex straddled his former body, in bliss as his former cock filled his insides. His soaked pussy dripping onto his body's sister, who was below him passionately kissing his new tits. The three would spend hours on the bed making love. Once the bed became too wet from the various sexual juices and sweat, they moved to another room until it too was ruined. In the back of their head they knew they had to reverse the spell but they were having far too good of a time in their lustful cloud.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Mile High Club

Caption Text

Prin worked behind a bar in a Thai resort. It wasn't a bad job and Thailand wasn't too bad to live in. It was his life but it was hard being constantly exposed to the happy rich people from the western world. This resentment built up and one day Prin made a plan. He'd slip a bodyswap potion into someones drink and steal their life, sneaking back to their country.

Taking his time to find the right person, he didn't want to waste this once in a lifetime chance. When he saws the 6'4 ripped American man come to the resort lobby and check in, he knew he'd found the right guy. He was athletic, white, likely rich, confident. He could've been a moviestar. Even better he came in with a hot girl, blonde and ditzy with a big ass. 

Prin got talking to the guy at the bar. He asked questions about the guy's life. The more Prin found out, the more excited he was to steal it. Taking a heavy dose of recreational drugs, and slipping the potion into the guy's drink he served the couple. Feeling the drugs wash over him, he watched as the girlfriend came over from the pool and took the drink from the boyfriend's hand, saying in her high pitch voice 'Thanks sweaty'. She took a sip and Prin fainted. 

Whether it was the drugs or the swap, he was now looking from the otherside of the bar, watching his old body seize on the floor. His new 'boyfriend', the body he wanted, sprang into action and performed CPR. Looking at the man from his new perspective, he felt a warmth grow in his new emptiness. He was almost heroic. In how he once looked at the man in jealously, he now looked at him in arousal.

The bodyswap potion was slightly flawed, you inherited a lot of the personality of the body you stole. That's how Prin found him on the plane back to America, taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror and sending it to his hunk of a boyfriend, asking him if he'd like to join the 'Mile High Club'.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Caption text

Marco was sitting at the PC, wasting away the day as usual. After a long stretch of gaming, he decided it was time to move onto some 'alone time'. Checking his door was locked and his headset was connected so no one could hear but him, he brought up his favourite pornsite. Searching through the videos, he struggled to find anything enticing. He'd over exposed himself to porn at this point that the standard stuff wasn't appealing. 

A BBW Mature video caught his eye and he clicked onto it. As the page loaded, one of those annoying pop-ups appeared. In bright red letters it said "NEWLIFE.COM, where you can become the person you desire". He tried to click the X to close the pop-up but he missed the button. He was taken to, and met with a spinning processing bar. 

As the bar stopped spinning, he felt a jolt through his mouse and fainted with the pain. When he came to, he tried to get out of the chair but struggled, the chair was more restricting than he remembered and he felt heavier. As he gave himself a heave, long hair fell in his face. Wiping it away he noticed the wrinkled chubby fingers attached to his hands. Following further down, thick wrists led to baggy 'bingo wings' and eventually his eyes met 'his' saggy weighty breasts draped over his full belly. 

With the adrenaline and shock Marco had not issue getting up this time, he waddled at a high speed to the bathroom. Ignoring the new wobbly sensations, his attention focussed on his lack of breath and the dizziness of the journey from his room to the bathroom. Inspecting himself in the mirror, his suspicions were confirmed. He was an exact copy of the BBW Gilf in the video clicked on. 

Hearing movement behind him, he turned to see his Mother. What will she say, he thought. 

"Mom, are you okay? You seemed like you were in a panic. Why are you naked?" Marco's Mother said. Reality had changed. Now Marco was his Mother's Mother. He was now his Sister's Grandmother.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

As the therapist ordered

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Love most

Caption text

It was a typical intervention for the Relationship Genie. Ritchie had suspected that his wife Angela was cheating and this drew the attention of the Relationship Genie.

Like most Ritchie was initially skeptical about this strange apportion in front of him but figured a simple wish should be harmless. ‘I wish I was the man my wife loved the most’ he said, realising immediately the dangers of what he said. Let’s hope this genie isn’t like those ones in the stories he thought. 

As the genie faded, as did Ritchie’s vision. He awoke in the living room of his in-law’s house. Knowing he wasn’t himself he went to the bathroom to inspect himself. He was met with his Father-In-Law’s body. His thoughts went straight to his wife having an affair with her own father but he came to realise how stupid it was. Clearly, the wording of his wish didn’t account for the difference in romantic and familial love. 

Weeks later, his body seemed to be acting normal. Ritchie seemed to be his Father-In-Law whilst the owner of his body was still himself. Ritchie hadn't brought up the change, he didn't want to traumatise his daugh--... wife. He'd developed a parental love for her since the swap. One positive to the swap was the time he got to spend with his new wife. Maybe it was the hormones that come later in life but she was far more sexually voracious than her daughter ever was. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Small world

Caption text

It's always weird to run into people you know while on vacation, traveling thousand's of miles cross the globe only to met someone from your little slice of the world. What's even weirder though is traveling to a remote resort and finding yourself inhabiting the body of someone you know from home. 

Dan knows this experience very well, except it wasn't some distant friend or a former co-worker. The familiar face he found himself wearing was that of his ex-girlfriend, Ella. Dan had planned this trip to Exchange Island as a solo trip, one to get over his recent break-up with Ella. It seemed she had a similar idea, except she traveled with a group of friends. 

Obviously the swap wasn't helpful when the two were using the trip to process their break-up but Dan seen no option but to embrace the swap. He’d spent too much on the vacation. Maybe in a weird way it would help him get over her. 

So he grabbed his phone took a picture in her favourite bikini posted to his story ‘Fancy seeing you here. Small world.’. Maybe his friends would find it funny and maybe Ella would get annoyed. Hopefully both.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Interactive: First time at Exchange Island

It's your first time at Exchange Island, you're simultaneously nervous and excited. After a short wait in the lobby, you're directed by a staff member to the swapping pods and told to go to your pod to be swapped into the body you will be in for the duration of your stay.

Your pod is number...

How do you like your temporary body?

Old fashioned

Caption text

Gerald was excited for his time in Swapville. He was retired and thought it would be a good way to enjoy it, even if it meant being back in work. Hell, if he was lucky his body would kick the bucket and he'd get to keep the new one. When he got his brief for Swapville he knew he was lucky, he was going to be a 30 year old owner of a successful small business and he had a Hotwife. Gerald's ignorance didn't noticed nor understand why Hotwife was one word or capitalised. 

Gerald's first week was going good, he got on well with his new wife. She was banging hot and he made sure she knew it though she wasn't taking any of his advantages. Gerald was so busy as a small business owner that he didn't mind for now. 

He got home on the first Friday night, ready to initiate sex with his partner only to be welcomed to loud moans as he entered the bedroom. He was met with his 'wife' being plowed by some stranger. He tried to start a fight with the guy but a voice came over the house, it was the researchers for Swapville. They informed him that this would be an uncharacteristic action and that he must maintain his assigned role. 

Deflated, his 'wife' told him to take a seat and watch like he was meant too. When the initial anger subsided, he realised how much his new body enjoyed watching his wife be used by another man. Eventually, he began touching himself through his underwear to the view and came surprisingly quick. Despite being a old fashioned man, for the new few years, Gerald would be stuck in a 'modern' relationship, he'd have to educate himself on terms like 'pussy-free' and 'bull'.

Saturday, May 18, 2024


I've decided to move to a commission model using Ko-Fi, as this blog can be quite time consuming  and therefore this is hopefully a way to help me sustain it better. I've tried to keep the pricing to a minimum as I wanted to make sure it is accessible for everyone. All requests made before this day will be honoured. 

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I hope you understand this decision. Hopefully it allows me to provide a better service to you guys and it lets you show your support.

New Hobbies

Caption text

"Have you got enough?" Andy (left) said.

"How much did these all cost?" Phil (right) joined in.

My two best friends were busting my balls, not that I had any anymore. They were making fun of me in that sarcastic way that only male friend groups do, except now we were all women. The 'guys' came over for a few drinks and a catch up, we'd all been hit by the Great Shift but didn't let that affect our ability to bond over a few drinks except our new taste pallettes made them a bit fruiter.

Andy had swapped with his little sister, Phil with his fiance and I swapped with a stranger. I wasn't aware of the women but I would find out she was a major figure in the sex positive community. She had a podcast and did a lot of talks. She was really accommodating after the Shift, her sex positive mindset really helped me adjust. One day she arrived at my door with a suitcase full of sex toys and said I don't need these anymore, maybe you want them. 

I was initially very hesitant until one lonely night, where I unzipped the suitcase and went on a wonderful adventure. And that's how my sex toy collection started. It's long since expanded. I understand why the guys are shocked but I told them the story, even sharing some of my bodies original owner's thoughts on sex positivity post-shift and they seemed intrigued. By the end of the night, I was going through boozy demonstrations for the 'guys' as they followed suit. 

Friday, May 17, 2024

Love remains

Caption text

Love after the Great Shift is a very complex and fluid thing. Often the emotional bonds remain but the physical attraction isn’t the same, whether it gets stronger or weaker. Sometimes the attraction stayed the same but got a whole lot more taboo…

This story is very much the case, it involves two lovers, Amy and Frank, and Frank's best friend Jalen. Frank had the worst swap of the three, he lost a lot of height and gained a lot of weight. He was still around the same age but his new body wasn't a looker. Jalen got Frank's body, not better or worse than his old one. Amy got the best swap of the three, she was overjoyed. She was good looking before but now she was gorgeous, tall, blond, pretty and thick in all the right places. Frank too was happy that his girlfriend was so pretty. 

This happiness only lasted so long, despite her love for Frank, she had not feelings for his new form. She had to break it to him very softly as she knew he was already upset at losing his young, muscular body which he had to watch his friend control. The two stayed together and tried to find ways for their relationship to survive. 

Amy's attraction to Frank's old body maintained. Sexually frustrated and not willing to sleep with Frank, she came to him with a suggestion. And with that a new relationship dynamic that uniquely caused by the Great Shift was invented. Frank was being cucked by his old body and best friend at the same time, watching his gorgeous girlfriend be pounded whilst he sat in the corner watching intently from his sloppy body.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Crazy news

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


Caption text

Jack had a big surprise for his partner. It was their ten year anniversary and he wanted to make it special. He'd been saving up for a few years for this. He'd just returned from the Swap Clinic and was patiently waiting for his partner Kimmy to return from work. 

At the Swap Clinic, he had bought a bunch of permanent swaps. Lots of qualities that he knew his partner liked that he just didn't have: tattoos, green eyes, a slimmer frame, longer, curlier hair. Whilst he was their he got some personal upgrades too. He'd always been insecure about his dick. It was average and he knew it. Kimmy never had an issue with it and in fact, his acknowledgement of his size made him compensate elsewhere in the bedroom. Hopefully, the bigger dick he got for a great bargain would be a positive. 

Kimmy was clearly confused when she came in, the guy in front of her looked remarkably like her husband but there were minor differences. Once Jack explained his changes and the reason why, Kimmy found it very sweet and the appreciation soon turned into attraction, just as he hoped. The foreplay didn't take long, Kimmy attractions got her ready very quickly. 

As she pulled out his new cock, she gasped and smirked. She told Jack that she liked his former size but alway wished it was just a bit bigger. She lay down on the bed and Jack prepared to enter her with his new member. The excitement seemed to get the better of him and he came prematurely. Something he'd never experienced before. As he would come to find out from the next attempt at sex (and any afterwards), the bargain he got for his new cock was because of an unlisted major flaw: chronic extreme premature ejaculation.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Couldn't refuse

Caption text

Jackson had washed all his money away gambling, he wouldn't be able to make rent this month. He was struggling for options, his work wouldn't give him an advance. He came across an ad for a new service at Swap Clinic: body rentals. 

Naturally he signed up and listed his body for as long as it took until his next payday. He listed his body for a modest price, he needed the money desperately. Despite this, after a day of no offers he got a massive one. It was 5x his original listing. He couldn't refuse. Due to anonymous account settings, all he knew was the he would be 43 years old and a women. He thought that it would be cool to be a women for a while and that 43 wasn't going to be an age where he had to worry too much about his health. 

On the day of the swap, he got out of the pod and was met with a familiar face in the mirror. His mum's ex-best friend, they'd had a major falling out a few years back. She was a good looking women for her age and had done well for herself, he just didn't understand why she did it. 

The text he got within minutes of the swap quickly explained that: 'Hi hun, sorry about this. The best way to get to your mum is through you so. I hope you like the outfit, I've worn my best lingerie underneath too. I left some toys out at home for you to play with. Have fun xxx I know I will'

Monday, May 13, 2024


Caption text

Kirsty was sobbing in her kitchen. She’d had another argument with her husband. Their relationship was falling apart and she knew it. He didn’t even seem to care. Ever since they got married, he’d started progressively being less invested in the relationship.

A flash of smoke engulfed the room. A figure like something out of a Disney movie announced themselves as ‘the relationship genie’. They told her that they were a magical universal entity assigned to providing those in relationships the chance to fix or enhance their relationship.

Hesitant, she played along and requested ‘I wish to be my Husband’s dream partner’. The genie smirked and waved their hand, vanishing in a puff of smoke Kirsty heard them mumble ‘finally an easy one’.

Momentarily she blacked out and quickly came to. She found she was stood up in an unfamiliar room. As processed her environment, she felt a pressure in her crotch, lowering her head to see the source of the sensation she was met with two very shocking sights. The first was her husband on his knees, his face covered in what was undoubtedly cum. The second was the source of the cum, a penis which was attached to an undeniably male body. 

You see the Genie had an easy solution to Kirsty's issues. Her relationship was failing because her husband had only married her to hide his homosexuality, a quality he only shared with his 'best friend' who he had been having an affair with. So when Kirsty asked to become his 'dream partner', she became his best friend. 

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Swap Class Girlies

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Redneck bitch 2

 Part 1

Caption text

"Look big guy, unless you want laid, I'm not listening to you" Joanne spoke, noticing Victor once again about to try to appeal to her. Victor was this body's boyfriend, and Joanne did notice an affection for him. 

Victor felt so much pity from what he saw. Not for the inhabitant of the body, they knew what they were doing. The pity he felt was for his girlfriend Amy, stuck in a trashy women's body in a trailer on the outskirts of town. If she could see what had came of her body. Gone was the silky brunette locks replaced by messy blonde hair likely from shop-bought dye, the skinny eloquent figure was not showing some pudginess, the tasteful dress sense nowhere to be seen.

"Can't you undo this, she's learned her lesson." Victor pleaded.

"Not happening kid. Business is booming. Guys are loving this body. I've made some changes, was planning on getting some implants again but 'mummy' and 'daddy' have stopped contacting me... So do you want laid or not. I'll do it for free, for old times sake" The women smirked.

“Uh sure…” Victor hesitantly answered, worried about what kind of STD he would catch but struggling to decline. 

Friday, May 10, 2024

Repressed 2

Caption text

Carter did feel slightly guilty about his actions but the opportunity that presented itself was hard to avoid. As soon as his football buddies got word that he had got Sandy in Swap Class, they all messaged him and shot their shot. It was kind of tradition in the football team, the guys who took Swap Class would sleep with the team and the favour would be returned when the next group of players took Swap Class. 

This tradition did nothing for Carter, he'd been closeted his whole life. He was hoping once he left this small minded town that he could be his true self. Now that Carter was the receiver of the tradition and got to express his sexuality without any social repercussions, he was very happy for it. 

His football buddies did think he was a lot more enthusiastic than anyone else had been in the past, but none of them wanted to say anything. They didn't want to ruin a good thing. 

Thursday, May 9, 2024


Caption text

Therapy business was booming following the Great Shift. Plenty of people had new issues that they had to resolve and process. Robin's practice struggled to keep up with demand. She herself was adapting to the experience of becoming a middle-aged man whilst balancing the cascade of issues coming through her door. 

There were some very interesting cases. A couple that now found themselves in two related bodies, a republic politician now a member of a marginalised and impoverished minority who was struggling to hold him former beliefs, a myriad of people struggling with race, gender or orientation changes. 

One particular patient stuck with Robin. Not because they had a unique or puzzling case. They stuck out to Robin because this patient helped Robin process a lot of her own issues. 

The patient had came to Robin with issues of dealing with their new found sex addiction. Robin confided in this patient that she too was struggling with the new hormones and urges of her male body. Much stronger and overpowering than when she was a women. One thing led to another and Robin broke a lot of rules of therapeutic practice that day, one of which being to not cum in your therapy patients.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Thank you all!

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Two months ago I was thanking everyone for 10k views. I really appreciate your support. Thanks to the established credits who have shared my site on their pages but mostly thanks to everyone who keeps checking in.

What have you liked so far? What would you like to see more of?

I love to talk to you guys and get some feedback, so feel free to engage with me in the comments not just in this post but under the captions. It's great to get that instant feedback directly on a post, it lets me know which story are doing the best. It's always nice to talk to viewers and see what they think of the captions.

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Repressed 1

Caption text

Sandy was reluctant about Swap Class. She'd been pressured into by her friends. She didn't like the idea of becoming a guy, her boyfriend Jack wasn't thrilled either. Pretty much every guy in her class was a weirdo, a creep or a douche. She was nervous for the announcement of who was going to swap with who.

On the day, she was one of the last to get assigned. Her friends had already be chosen and swapped. One was a nerd, another an unhygienic overweight creep and the third was now an overtly flamboyant gay guy. When got assigned Carter, she was at least happy to be in a body that was looked after and in good shape. It was probably the best option of the lot body-wise. Carter having her body though, was not ideal. He was a douche and a bully. He played games with all the girls that liked him and made fun of those that didn't.

After the swap she sat back down at her desk and scanned the room, looking through the eyes of a teenage boy was like a whole new world. One thing she was surprised about was the lack of distraction she felt looking at girls. She'd thought that would be all her new body had made her think of. 

Some eyes were on her as she adjusted in her seat, her three friends all smirking at her in their new bodies. She locked eyes with her friend in the gay student's body and noticed an immediate pressure build in her pants. She was experiencing male attraction for the first time. If her bodies reaction to the sole attractive male in the class and lack of reaction to the many attractive girls in the class were to be believed, Carter was repressing his homosexuality. His troublesome relationship with girls an extension of this. 

Her friend seemed to pick up on her new thoughts. Sandy probably did a poor job hiding the wave of emotions washing over her. The two girls now in gay teenage boys bodies failed to fight the strong hormones in their bodies, sneaking a sexual relationship between the two over the course of Swap Class. Neither of their boyfriends to know (although they were welcome to join if they found out). 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Teenage hormones

Monday, May 6, 2024


Caption text

Tucker was sobbing, the warm liquid running down his chin, working it’s way down his chest. The salty taste linger in his mouth. He’d defiled  his fiancé’s body and had no choice in it.

He’d been at home with his fiancé Michelle when his bully Eric barged into their home. He tried to challenge the intruder but found that his body betrayed him. His thoughts were focused on confronting the intruder but his body remained seated. 

His body remained still and seated whilst his consciousness was transferred to his fiancé’s body. He could see in his old eyes that she was inside his body, stuck in a vegetative state.

Eric moved towards him, fear washed over Tucker. In his tiny frame, he had no hope of defending himself. The intruder reached out his hand. Tucker dwelled momentarily but all resistance washed away, he reached out and delicately connected with the man’s hand. Tucker’s small soft hands engulfed in Eric’s strong fingers. 

Eric lead Tucker to the bedroom. Eric obliging the man’s directions. He was undressing his female form, exaggerating movements to make a sexy show of it. His actions were clay in the hand’s of Eric. For the next few hours, he played the perfect sex doll for his bully, all within his fiancé’s body as she had to listen to his moans of pleasure from the other room, whilst frozen, no ability to move. 

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Bigger is better


No text with this one. Thought the post on it's own told the story. Let me know what you think.

Advanced biology

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Alex got the body of one of his many students in the Great Shift. Serena, the original owner was a struggling student, she was far too focused on her looks, partying and boys. He was never able to breakthrough to her. As a consequence of getting a students body, Alex's school felt they had to let him go. It would cause unnecessary drama amongst the student body.

To make ends meet whilst he found alternative employment, Alex took to tutoring. Thankfully, with the disrupted learning from the Great Shift, plenty of his former students jumped on board of his tutoring. His first few sessions were business as usual, all of the students were either middle-aged or female but when Alex had his first young male student enter his home, he understood why Serena never valued her education. 

His body's libido went into overdrive at the sight of the young man. He tried to maintain his professionalism and successfully did so for the whole session but his damp heat was throbbing by the end of the study session. Panties soaked, he went to his bed to deal with the tension. As the week went on, he struggled more and more to contain himself around his male students. He'd subconsciously started wearing lower cut tops, short shirts, etc. Eventually, one student who was struggling to come to the answer was asked by Alex if they need some extra ‘guidance’. 

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Tiny issue

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Taking part in the Swapville experiment, I was ecstatic when I got my briefing. The guy I was going to be seemed like a real douche but I didn’t mind, he was jacked and had a good job. If being mean to a few people meant I got out of my overweight disgusting body I didn’t mind. 

I must’ve skimmed through the briefing or the researchers missed a significant detail. This guy’s confidence and physique was clearly a deflection of his insecurities about his small penis, it was looked so strange of his huge toned frame. It’s not like I was huge before Swapville but this was a significant downgrade. I know it sounds stupid but this whole body been ruined for me. 

Because of the rules of Swapville, I had to keep up the misogynistic womanising ways of this body. Hitting the gym and the clubs with Tony's muscular physique, I attracted the attention of women with my facade of confidence and charm. It was surprisingly easy with my looks.

I had no problem getting women to come home with me but the climatic reveal of my microscopic member was often met with looks of  dissatisfaction or shock. The worst was when what was clearly a man in a women’s body struggling to contain the laughter at my lack of manhood. Some indulged me but many found a way to leave as soon as possible.