Sunday, March 31, 2024

Post-Shift Interview

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The interviewer started the tape recorder and cleared their throat preparing to the start the interview. “I’m here with Cathy, formally know as Caleb. Cathy has got a very interesting Post-Shift story. Cathy, would you mind telling me your experience”.

Cathy adjusted themselves, despite their not being a camera, being recorded made her self-conscious and she wanted to make sure she looked good. “Well as you said I used to be called Caleb. I was a 21 years old, a skinny kid, always sick, pretty much just stayed in my own room. It wasn’t much of a life. Now as you can see…” Cathy waved a hand over her body, emphasis put on the chest “I’m an older women now. This body used to be my Mom’s friend’s. She was 43 at the time of the shift so I guess biologically I’m 22 years older.”

“Thank you Cathy. I’ve got some further questions, firstly how do you feel about your situation after the Great Shift?” The interviewer asked.

“Well that’s why you’re here isn’t it. Most 21 year old guys would be devastated to become a middle-aged women. But me? I’ve never been happier in my life. I guess it’s because I didn’t love my life beforehand. Yes, I lost 20 years of my life but I’m in much better health, I’ve got much more meat on my bones. A lot more meat. My social life has thrived, dating especially. This body gets a lot of attention despite it’s age. I think it’s obvious why. Despite my new curves being very foreign, I’ve come to love them.” Cathy finished her answer, anticipating the next question.

There was a delay, Cathy was waiting for the next question but when she glanced over to the interviewer, he was staring intently at her chest, his mind empty. Cathy’s outfit selection had worked excellently, she knew prior the interviewer was very attractive. “Why don’t we pause the interview for a while and I can show you what I mean.” Cathy said, slowly getting out of her seat and approaching the man, snapping him out his daze. “Or we can leave it on…” She added.


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“What’s up loser!” the pretty girl raised an L to her forehead.

“The look on your face is hilarious! What’s weirder, me being in your girlfriend’s body or your girlfriend in my body?” the girl continued, the familiar smirk of Luke’s bully worn on the face he loved. 

Dave had bullied Luke for as long as Luke could remember. And now thanks to Swap Class, for the next month his bully would be in his girlfriend’s body. Dave was very happy to have gotten her body, it was a nice one. He always wondered why she would put up with Luke. Luke was full of nerves around how Dave would treat her body. 

“Please just don’t do anything to her body” Luke pleaded, trying to reach a shred of empathy.

The smirk returned. 

“No of course not. I don’t want to fail Swap Class and ruin my great grades.” the sarcastic tone coming through clearly. Dave was on the verge of expulsion, Swap Class was meant to be an easy grade. He didn’t care if he failed. He was just going to have fun whilst on his way out the door.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

The boobs and the butt

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-Marissa’s perspective

Marissa was having dinner with a potential client. She was trying to persuade them to sign with her agency but like all recent client meetings she’d had, he wasn’t listening. His attention was solely focused on Marissa’s chest. She’d wore the top that hid them the best…

She’d got this chest from the Swap At Birth protocol. It was great to finally be ‘herself’, she’d never felt right in her body. One of the few downsides was the huge breasts she had inherited. Initially she loved the sex appeal they gave her but they were so unbelievably big and heavy. Her back hurt, they were impossible to hide and a constant distraction during her meeting, no one took her serious now. She would be considering a reduction had her husband not been so obsessed with them.

The most significant issue with the body (which she learned after being recognised by strangers following the swap) was the body’s history. Charlie, the original inhabitant of the body had made a career on OnlyFans. Marissa had done a good job presenting the body in a manner that suggested dignity and professionalism, averting the male gaze, all for nothing. 

To make it worse, she’d caught her husband subscribed to Charlie’s OnlyFans. Initially he said it was to look at Marissa’s new body, after all it was his Wife’s body. Then one day he showed her a post, her old body had just been shared in a ‘Big Reveal’ post.

-Charlie’s perspective

Devastated to have gotten the letter from Swap At Birth. Charlie thought her career was over. She’d made a killing as a ‘titty’ model. Her tits were so otherworldly that she got enough attention, she’d didn’t need to go into hardcore porn. When she got Marissa’s body she thought she was going to have get a proper job or at worst go into hardcore porn. 

To her shock, Marissa’s body was thick. Otherworldly thick. When Charlie stalked Marissa’s socials to see what she looked like, she had no way of telling how sexy of a body was behind all the business attire.

Her career was back on track. She’d have to change her niche but there was definitely a market for an ass this fat. She just had to slut up this body. 

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“Good morning Sweetie” Alfred said to Ray, who’d left his room to get some breakfast. Alfred’s stolen middle aged vagina stuffed by the latest of his lovers. A regular sight for Ray these days, he just averted his eyes.

Alfred was a homeless man a few days ago but after discovering a possession spell he was neither homeless nor a man. He’d intended to cast the spell at a passing business man but Ray’s mother’s own generosity got herself in the way of the spell. She wanted to give Alfred some money for something to eat, only to find herself the one on the side of street with an empty stomach. She’d tried to tell the police but they just assumed she was some looney hobo.

Since the swap, Alfred has completely ruined Karen’s respectable life. Her son Ray had assumed she was going through some extreme psychotic episode, not wanting to report her for fear of getting stuck in the adoption system. Alfred felt some guilt for Karen and Ray but it was drowned out by the joy of his much easier (and pleasurable) life. Karen had a decent amount of money saved that let Alfred quit her job and just fuck every willing guy possible. And when they ran out? He’d just steal someone else’s body and ruin their life.


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Manuel’s latest quest was a simple escort task. Delivering Princesses to their kingdom’s to safety was routine at this point. This particular Princess, Princess Sulley was quite the looker but she was a rough travel companion. The arguments between the two filled the countryside. The noise travelled to a witch in her hut, sick of the noisy bickering, she decided the two should swap bodies. 

No choice but to continue the their journey, the arguments failed to stop. Sulley in Manuel’s body, found the situation humorous whilst Manuel struggled with his weaker form and the uncomfortable dresswear.

Reaching the kingdom, the two had no choice but to continue the impersonation of the other, else bring chaos to the court and kingdom. Manuel now finds himself far from his previous life of dragons, damsels and danger. Instead, his days are filled with politics and strange proceedings. His nights however, filled with a different type of courting. As a Princess of age, he was tasked with providing heirs to the kingdom.

Caption 2 text

Having found herself stuck in the body of her protector, Princess Sulley took to the adventuring life very quickly. Perhaps, it helped to have observed so many in the countless times she was rescued by one. 

No longer wasting her days with pointless politics, court gossip and scheming. She finds joy in the adventuring, her days filled with action. She was quickly becoming well known amongst the female population of the kingdom. Damsels were putting themselves in risk, purely for a chance at being saved by the might Manuel. Or who they thought was Manuel.

On her latest quest, Sulley had just slain a horde of trolls who had taken a liking to a countess who ventured too far from her protectors. The countesses’s expressed her gratitude. Not just in the verbal sense. She had heard of the feats of Sir Manuel, and not just the ones in combat. 

Once again, Sulley found herself embracing a high maiden after a rousing adventure. The instant reward from the damsel in distress as good as the gold she’d receive once she returned the maiden to her home.

Friday, March 29, 2024


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Swapville is a revolutionary new science experiment. Within Swapville, a whole town of people have been made to resume the lives of the original inhabitants. Participants have been swapped at based on the researchers discretion, old become young, men become women, rich become poor. Participants must maintain their identity, whilst it is known that everyone within the town is part of the study, they must maintain their identity and not outwardly acknowledge the existence. If you entered Swapville with your friends, you would not know until the end of the study, who they were for the duration of the study. 

The researchers had a very specific plan for John. John was a very morally uptight man. He believed that women should stay home and focus on their domestic duties, they should be a caring partner focused on their Husband's (and only ever Husband’s) wants and needs. With this in mind, the researchers matched John with Katie. 

Katie is a career driven 40 year old, she is married to her Husband of 20 years. The two don't have any kids as Katie valued her career too much and felt children would disrupt it. For the past few years, Katie has been having an affair with her boss Mike. All of these traits, John would have to maintain. The researchers wanted to see how he would succeed with mimicking a life that he so vehemently disagrees with. 

And so, now John find himself spread over a table on his lunch break, taking a stranger’s penis between his newly obtained vagina. Strange, unfamiliar but amazing feeling filling his female form. The guilt and internal criticism washed away by pleasure.


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On the latest of their attempt high value robberies, Jake and his group were pinned. They were guaranteed to be caught, Jake resorted to a drastic option, he had saved for extreme scenarios. 

Casting the spell, he and his partners found themselves miles across town, away from the police, inhabiting the bodies of a middle class family. Naturally, Jake took the role of the patriarch of the family whilst the rest of his group found themselves in the mother and daughters of the family.

Jake was always the odd-one-out of the group. He didn’t particularly like what he did but the bullying and blackmail from the rest of the group forced him to stay within the team. Now, he was in control. The guys all having to act like his perfect family or he’d swap them to something much, much worse.

Jake definitely took advantage of his newfound influence. Malcolm was the head of the group before the swap. Jake’s primary tormentor. Now he’s in the body of Jake’s doting wife. Jake makes sure Malcolm plays the role well. Keeping Jake’s balls empty and his stomach full. 

The Post-Shift Pollocks

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The Pollocks like all families were struck by the Great Shift. They had some very interesting after affects. They were a family of four, Rick the father, his two sons Nate and Owen, and his daughter Iva.
Nate the oldest brother was a notorious douchebag. Known around town as a cocky gymrat.
Surprisingly even though he found himself in the body of his history teacher Mrs. Jacobs, his toxic masculinity and bravado failed to dissipate. 
Even though it was his body now, the respect he showed for it was very much lacking. Still a regular at the gym and still making unwanted approaches on gym goers, little seems to have changed. 
It was normal now for Nate to strip off naked in front of the mirror, appreciating his sexy teacher’s body whilst curling dumbbells, appreciating the added muscle mass from his disciplined workouts.

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The youngest brother, Owen is the complete opposite of his brother. Far more reserved and quiet, Owen doesn’t worry about the gym or womanising. Instead he immerses himself in cosplay, fantasy novels and LARPing.

Owen found himself in a pretty women’s body after the Great Shift. He had no idea who the women was.

In an other contrast to his brother, Owen took a long time to adapt to his new body. Despite it being a very attractive body and an upgrade to his previous body, there was a lot to get over. His head strong brother got over it within weeks but Owen being far more thoughtful struggled with overthinking the situation.

Eventually, Owen got out of his shell. Returning to old hobbies of cosplay and LARPing, he might quite the impact when he returned, the nerds taking part were visibly drooling over him. A strange experience for Owen, if he’d worn a bra maybe there would be less gawking.

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Iva, the daughter was a bit of a rebel. The family could never control her. She had a very unfortunate reputation around the town, her proclivities known well by the locals. 

She failed high school, couldn’t hold down a job and eventually found herself stuck in sex worker. Filming cheap porn during the day and stripping in the evening. She was actually rather success in the very trashy stripclub she worked in. Young and her looks still untouched by age or the lifestyle, she was a favourite of the residents. 

So when Iva lost her young sexy body in the Great Shift, she was devastated. Her Brothers were both better looking than her now. The body she got was that of a local Grandma. The only positive about the body was the much bigger tits though they were extremely saggy.

Without a high school degree to fall back on and no career skills, Iva had to return to stripping and porn even in her old body. She’d made several changes cheap tattoos, tight dresses, makeup and hair reminiscent of someone much younger, the homely Grandma was unrecognisable.

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Rick the father, went AWOL after the Great Shift. The kids hadn’t heard from him since it happened. They assumed he was one of the unfortunate souls who died in the aftermath of the Great Shift. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rick couldn’t be more alive. 

Rick woke up across the world in Australia, in the body of a beach bunny influencer, who he’d never heard of. Frankly, he wasn’t too worried about the body, he was just glad to be removed from his life and his horrible kids. Nate the asshole, Owen the nerd and Iva the slut. Of course some of it was his fault but that didn’t make it any more bearable. 

Returning from an other day on the beach, looking hot and attracting the attention of guys. He showered off his body, feeling the subtle curves, the flat stomach, the perfectly sized breasts, he was a picture of the ideal female body. 

His phone buzzed, his sugar daddy wanted to meet up. Of course he had to attend, how else was he meant to fund his lifestyle down under. Maybe Iva wasn’t the only slut in the family.

Thursday, March 28, 2024


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Rory tried not to laugh. He knew how embarrassing it used to be, to cum prematurely and disappoint a partner. Premature ejaculation was a sore spot for a lot of guys, and girls never seemed to understand it, they’d just give some nonsensical advice that would never help at all. 

In one of the karmic acts of justice from the Great Shift, many of these women would come to understand the struggle of becoming a ‘two pump chump’, and many men would learn the disappointment (and complement) of dealing with one.

Rory was one of these such men. Never much of a selfless partner, he would assume that sex was over once he had came, rarely baring mind to his female partners. Now that he’s in a women’s body, he sees the error in his ways. Since becoming sexually active as a women, he’s met a lot of girls-to-guys who have failed to get past foreplay. Most of them expressing their struggles controlling the male orgasm. Rory likes to think that it’s just because he’s became so good at oral but at this point, he just wants to meet someone who will please him.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Half day

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Redneck bitch 1

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“I mean, it could be worse. You look pretty good for… for a…” Victor stumbled over his words.

“A what? A White Trash Redneck? A Trailer Park Whore?” Amy finished his sentence for him. 

Amy was a bit of snob. Your typical pretty, prissy teenage girl. Now she’s stood outside ‘her’ trailer, smoking cigarettes in the cold country air dressed to show her tacky midriff piercing, a glass of the cheapest wine by her hand. All things she’d never even consider weeks ago. Now, she had no choice with the curse affecting her.

Cut off in traffic by a rundown pickup truck. Confronting the driver in anger, Amy screamed at them, calling them all sorts of names. ’Redneck bitch’ would be the best way to summarise the message of her tirade. Clearly the Redneck women didn’t like what Amy said well, because she stole Amy’s life and curse Amy to life as the ‘Redneck bitch’.

She’s living it up in Amy’s sweet teenage body, taking advantage of her parents money and ruining her reputation. Meanwhile, Amy is stuck with a body 20 years older, a cigarette and alcohol addiction, living out of a wooden hut with wheels and struggling with some very backwards beliefs.

After the swap, she’d managed to convince her boyfriend Victor it was her. Victor had kept trying to see the good of the situation but Amy was in no mood to listen. Victor wasn’t just trying to brighten her up, Amy’s new body was an upgrade in at least one way: below the neck she was thick. Selfishly, he hoped he could convince her to sleep with him. He’d just have to put up with the kisses tasting of cigarettes and booze.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Savour the moment

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Frank lay on his back and circled his fingers around his breasts. He had no idea how long it had been, he simply wanted to take his time and appreciate the gift of his temporary female body, even if it was on the older side. It was very curvy and well looked after all, the previous owner deserved credit. 

He was amazed at how great it felt to just to graze his tits. Being a women was so much more sensual of an experience. As he continued to run his hands over his body, manicured and painted nails included, he couldn’t believe how soft his skin was now. With each stroke of his fingers, he felt an unfamiliar heat in his bikini bottoms. He hadn’t got to that yet, he wanted to savour the moment. 

Lost in thus moment, he completely forgot about where he was, who he was and what he was meant to be doing. Frank had traveled with his family who had all managed to find each other by the front desk sans Frank. They would be waiting for Frank for a few more hours.

Sunday, March 24, 2024


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“Blow a kiss for the camera. Make sure they see your tits” The voice inside Chance’s head commanded. Chance did as he was told, unsure at this point whether it was mind control or him just being conditioned to following instructions. The last few months certainly have blurred the lines between the two. 

Months ago, Chance found himself in his Mom’s body, a mysterious voice intruding on his thoughts. The voice forced him to undress, play with his Mom’s tits and vagina in front of the mirror so he was well aware of who and what he was doing.

Since then the voice has made Chance do more and more deprived things in his Mom’s body. First, it was sleeping around, cheating on his ‘Dad’ and splitting the marriage. Next, it was going under the knife to make his body fit the new whore reputation he had been forced to earn.

Now many steps of depravity in, Chance is attending the Brazzer’s awards. He has been nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer’ event and was the heavy favourite. He’s slept with most of the voters after all. 

Walking down the red carpet, stopping to take teasing pictures for the media. He didn’t know what was worse, the awkward heels with the long dress or the aches he still had from yesterday’s filming.

A new habit

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Marcus was at the gym when the Role Exchanger hit. He was trying to start a new habit and lose the fat he’d accumulated over the years. He had the pretty typical situation of doing sports all throughout school, then when he got a job he stopped working out and put on a bunch of weight. 

At the gym, he was on the treadmill, conscious of how much he stood out amongst the building full of hot and fit individuals who put him to shame. Mid-run, the phenomenon hit the gym. Disorientated, he tripped over and spent the whole of the Role Exchanger recovering from his fall. 

Picking himself up, he noticed the muscular arms propelling his much lighter body up. As he came up, hair got in his face. Hair that he didn’t have a few seconds ago. 

Looking around the gym, trying to gather the situation. He notice a lot of odd-looking individuals. Overweight men in legging and a crop top, skinny women injured under weights that clearly didn’t match their frame. 

Having scanned the area, Marcus took time to review his own situation. Once again brushing the hair out of his eyes, he seen the he was in a noticeable shorter but far more muscular body, what a result.

It wasn’t until he was home, seeing his face and the small boobs topping his strong pecs, that he realised he was now a women but with the muscle mass of a male bodybuilder. At least he had finally lost the weight.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

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Slow progress

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Sheila was glad to see that her son  Jack be so comfortable in her old body. There was a strangeness to watching her body move from an outside perspective, but it was outweighed by the proudness she felt. 

Jack had got swapped into his Mother Sheila’s body during Great Shift whilst Sheila got the body of one of Jack’s female classmates. The comparison between the two situations made Jack’s seem so much worse. 

Sheila naturally was thrilled to be younger but it was all dampened by the sympathy for her child, who had to deal with her aged body.

After several months of wallow and unsuccessful support, Sheila put Jack forward for therapy. He was initially very hesitant but after his first session, he seemed to smile for the first time since the Great Shift.

The therapist had done an amazing job, teaching her son to love his body amongst other adjustments to the new situation. It initiated the slow progress that has lead them to this situation. 

Now after a quick shower, Sheila was greeted with moans coming from her son’s room. The door left open, she was met with the sight of her old body rhythmically straddling a man’s penis. She had to admit, Jack’s technique was impressive, he was definitely ‘getting his’. 

Not For Long

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The NFL is often said to stand for ‘Not For Long’, and my career reflects this. As I grew up, I built a personality around Football. High school star to College Starter and a brief stint in the NFL, then injuries took me out. 
After flunking out of the league, I had a lot of self discovery to do. All of this masculine ‘bravado’ was to hide my true self, and lie to myself. I was a trans women. 
Even after this realisation, I tragically wasn’t able to act on it publicly. I was a huge NFL player, a public figure and a regular pundit on ESPN. If I were to transition, I would draw so much attention and no doubt receive abuse from my ‘fans’.
That is why the Great Shift was a literal life-saver for me. Finally, my outside matches my inside. 10 years younger and an incredibly attractive women, I was happy. 
I still am months after, even as my belly plumped up and it became clear my body had been in the early stages of pregnancy during the Great Shift. After all, what is a more true experience of womanhood than to give birth.
Of course, labour is scary but I’ve been in the NFL, so I like to think I’m pretty brave. I can’t wait to meet ‘my’ little one. 

Round two

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“Ready for round two?” The man, leaned over the age of the pool confidently. His impressive tool dangling, tempting Ross. The sight of it sending feelings of nostalgic pleasure of last night’s exploits.

Ross could only smirk, the inhabitant of the man’s body really didn’t have any ability to flirt. They were a rolodex of cheesy and cliche lines like ‘Ready for round two’. Despite this, they did know how to please the female body and look good whilst doing it, so he played along.

Ross was a bit mopey last night, finding himself in the body of a young women. He was disappointed to not have gotten a young handsome body. It took a lot of willpower to make it out of his hotel room. Slouched across the bar, dressed in the most comfortable bikini.

The more he drunk, the more aware he became of his new body. And the bodies around him. The topless men, their bodies shining with the water from being in the pool. Ross’s sneaking looks, just like he once did to a women’s breasts or ass, as a man. 

His glances were noticed. Perhaps it was the drinks, perhaps it was the new body’s libido but it wasn’t long until Ross was sharing a hotel bed with a man’s body. They were so quick to explore each other’s new bodies that they didn’t even exchange names, making for an awkward conversation the next day.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Not all Great Shift adjustments are visible

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The media covers plenty of stories about men becoming women, women becoming men, older to young or young to old. You don’t hear enough about people who stayed a similar age or their biological sex.

Take Luke for example, you’d think he was very happy with his body in the Great Shift but he faced an major adjustment just like those with more outwardly significant changes. He woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom but felt a familiar sensation, morning wood. 

Switching on a nearby lamp, he was shocked to see the flat, defined stomach leading to the mountainous tent in his shorts. Thanks to the Great Shift, he was ripped, young and hung. The womaniser in Luke couldn’t help but think of all the ‘pussy’ he would get with his new body.

The Great Shift had another idea. Trying to treat his new monumental erection with the thoughts of hot girls, big tits and fat asses, he wasn’t getting anywhere. Instead, when his vision zoned in on his new view: the fat cock and the muscular legs, his dick stiffened further. Luke’s new body was undoubtedly gay. He couldn’t help but feel that such a great dick was wasted on a gay guy, he’d soon learn how wrong he was.  


Caption text

It was common for explosive and emotional arguments between Manny and his family. The family would disagree on the slightest thing. They never seemed to understand Manny’s point of view and he felt that he was often not appreciated within the family.

After another routine argument, Manny retreated to his room. Locking the door and watching some porn to let off steam. During this he let out a frustrated mutter of “I wish they appreciated me”.  

As Manny climaxed, eyes closed. He felt a change in the air pressure in his room. It was now cold and airy. The coldness covered his whole body, until a warm liquid splashed on his face. Noticing a slightly salty taste as it ran over his lips. The shock of the impact opened his eyes, only to be met with the sight of a tall, muscular man standing over him, large penis in hand aimed directly at his face. The expression on the man’s face was of pure confusion and apology.

Before Manny could react, a man’s voice behind him screamed “Uhhh, I can’t stop”. Only for more of the strange fluid that was undoubtedly cum, to hit Manny’s face.

It was clear from the scenery and the men around him, that Manny was transported to the porn he had been watching. A swift look down confirmed the notion, he was clearly in the body of his favourite pornstar.

The four people removed themselves from the sexual activities. All in a state of shock, they conversed, coming to the realisation that within the male bodies were Manny’s father, mother and sister. By some divine force, they would come to appreciate Manny, a very intimate ‘appreciation’.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Body positivity

Caption text

Bruce’s instagram has became a collage of tropical foreign destinations, expensed trips and VIP appearances at exclusive events. A stark contrast to his account before the Great Shift.

With the global effects of the shift, the whole world came to understand, appreciate and embrace the body positivity movement that prior to the shift was often scrutinised.

Bruce was a 45 year old man before the shift. He found himself in the body of a prominent Latina plus-size model. It was strange to not only be in a new body, but one that was easily recognisable and had been the centre of controversy.

With his new body’s existing notoriety and fame, Bruce was headhunted to become the figurehead of the new and surging social movement of body acceptance. 

Initially he was a bit resistant but came to feel that he could make a positive change in the world. Leading the example on how to love your new post-shift form as he had done.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Hey lovies

Caption text

Many industries were affected by the Great Shift, but none quite as much as the Porn industry. There was a surge of perverts in new hot bodies, veterans of the porn industry returning in their new bodies and plenty of people dealing with new hormones, sex drives and orientations that needed something to release their tension to.

Lana prior to the Great Shift was a 21 year old OnlyFans sensation, her subscriptions were bringing in a massive sum every week.

Like many who used their body for work, Lana was devastated by the Great Shift. Stuck in an average suburban middle-aged mom’s body, the first few weeks she thought she would have to find a ‘real’ job but as she came round to appreciate the natural beauty of her body, she seen the potential.

With some of the money from her job prior to the Shift, she invested in her body. Fake tits, BBL, lips, botox. She now looked like the typical MILF in porn. It definitely was the same look she had previously but no doubt it would have an audience.

Now with a body ready for porn, she used her existing socials to make her big reveal, going viral doing so. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The insatiable Mrs Ripley

Caption text

“I’ve been thinking, why don’t you come over” Jason sent to his buddy with a picture attached of his tits hanging out of his sports bra and the undeniably damp spot in his gym shorts.

Mrs. Ripley was a young teacher, maybe two or three years into her career. Young and pretty, she was the allure of all the young male student’s. So when Jason got her body in the Great Shift, his DMs were flooded with students shooting their shot.

Initially he was very offended, and blocked accounts left, right and centre. He didn’t need to be dealing with it all, whilst adjusting to his body and situation. These messages were when he first discovered how unbelievably turned on Mrs Ripley’s body would get at the slightest stimulus. These DMs did make him a bit flustered but he managed to subdue that… initially.

Now well adjusted to his new life, Jason has came to appreciate his new body and makes sure to respect it by going to the gym and eating healthy, maintaining the his adopted figure. The only issue is that seeing all the huge, muscly men leaves him incredibly sexually frustrated. At the breaking point, it was time to unblock some people and invite his friends over to explore their Mrs Ripley’s insatiable body.

Monday, March 18, 2024


Caption text

Tom flicked his long silky hair out of his face. Braced against the hotel door as a stranger buried their tongue into his exposed damp heat, sending little bursts of pleasure through him.

This stranger’s face was temporarily inhabited by Tom’s partner Cat. The two had purchased a Swap Vacation to a town a few hours travel from their home. They weren’t interested to much in the vacation but enjoyed the thrill of the unknown that came with the swap. 

Their swap hosts were a older couple, the women a successful businesswomen and the man a successful personal trainer who owned several high profile gyms. Despite both being in their 40s, these bodies were in far better shape than Tom and Cat’s. 

Tom got the women’s body whilst Cat got the man’s. Immediately, the excitement of being in such attractive bodies and the appeal of the other’s new body, took over them. Cat felt a strange pressure in her crotch whilst Tom noticed a dampness pooling in his new panties.

Cat gave a rather inviting suggestion that she’d ‘show him how that thing works’. Tom didn’t even worry about replying, he simply dropped his panties and lifted his skirt and presented himself to the man in front.

Sunday, March 17, 2024


Caption text

“Hey! Eyes up here!” Charlie pointed to his eyes with a smirk at his friend with the wander eyes. Giddy to have finally got to use the common platitude, he was preparing to use the saying when he next got a chance, his friends had been ogling him all convention. 

Charlie had been a 30 year old rather nerdy white guy prior to the Great Shift, following it, he is now a 20 year old young black women. A curvaceous one at that. 

Charlie and his friends had plans to all attend Dragoncon, a major convention in Atlanta. They weren’t going to let the Great  Shift ruin their highly anticipated trip. They just had to find some more fitting costumes for their new forms. 

In his new buxom body, wanted to make sure he choose an appropriate costume that attracted plenty of attention. The initial plan was Storm from the X-Men given his new skin tone, but a far more suitable choice emerged. How best to show his new bust than with the famous boob-window of Powergirl!

Now hours into the convention, Charlie was ecstatic with his choice. His cosplay had gotten so much more attention than any from when he was a guy. He especially enjoyed the attention from the guy in Henry Cavill’s body, dressed as Superman.