Thursday, June 20, 2024

What ya looking at?

Caption text

"What ya looking at?" said Barry from across the table.

Nathan caught off guard, absorbed into his phone, quickly came with a lie, "Just reddit". Well it wasn't technically a lie. Barry and Nathan had been on three dates at this point. They'd connected on Tinder. Nathan had no qualms with Barry being a man before the Shift, but one recent issue did concern him.

Nathan had ran into a friend of his on he and Barry's second date. It was a short conversation. After the date Nathan's buddy sent him a text with a link. "Hey man, thought I recognised that girl you were with...". Nathan opened the link to find a NSFW reddit account, the last post being just before the Shift. The account was full of pornography with Barry's current body as the centre of the content. 

Regretting lying at the start of dating, Nathan immediately corrected his mistake. Showing the phone to Barry "Actually, I was looking at your new body's reddit account. Did you know about it? A buddy sent..." The smirk grew across Barry's face, stopping Nathan's enquiry.

Not the reaction Nathan expected. Barry's smirked, a hint of flirtation behind the eyes. "Yeah I know. I'm was one of the guys in that video. If you're a good boy maybe we can restart my old bodies hobby tonight?" Barry said, "But first, put your phone away and focus on our date."

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bimbo for a wife

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“Hey Daddyyy, I was, like, just getting a water” the Brunette bimbo in Isaac’s kitchen said. “But I wouldn’t mind a snack too” she said, coming to him with fire in her eyes.

Isaac sighed. More sex. He never thought he would get sick of sex with his wife but her catching the Bimbo Virus changed things. 

Before the virus she was still hot and sexy, she worried about her appearance but in an eloquent way. Now she was slutty personified. 

There were positives. The sex was great and she had became much more giving in the bedroom. She was much curvier with her bigger breasts and fat ass. 

But he struggled with the changes. At times it was living with a child. Her intelligence had diminished so much, that he had to help her through very simple tasks.

He was also sure that she was cheating on him. Not because she didn’t like him but because she simply didn’t know better and she was under the control of her new sex drive.

Turns out having a bimbo as a wife isn’t so ideal.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

In Their Shoes

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Gym bros

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Urban legend

Caption text

Max struggled against his restraints. He and his wife were visiting their friends. He'd quickly went to the toilet and came back to find his wife and friends furiously exploring their bodies. 

"Check out this girl's tits, their perky as hell" his wife said brutishly, hands clasped around her breasts. His friend, Luke gave them a squeeze. Max impulsively yelled in protest. The three all paused and turned their glance to Max. "Shit, I didn't think anyone else was in the house!" Exclaimed his Friend's wife "Get him" they pointed. 

A struggle ensued and eventually Max found himself tied to a chair. He plead for his wife and friends to stop acting so weird. "I'm not your wife buddy" his wife's inhabitant said. Max realised then that these were the urban legend of the Hopper Gang. Three guys who could steal bodies temporarily and do crazy things with them: rob banks, steal cars, have sex in the middle of the street. It was normally chalked up to psychotic breaks. It obviously wasn't an urban legend now he seen it.

"Look buddy, we just want to have some fun. We'll be out of here in a few hours. For now, you sit tight." His 'wife' explained. "We'll even let you watch, how about that?" his friend's wife teased. Their earlier self exploration evolved into exploring eachother's bodies. Max sat for hours, stuck watching his wife be fucked by his friend and his friend's wife, she fuck them and any other combinations. He learned early on to avoid protesting, each challenge was met with a further violation of his wife's body. 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Integer overflow

It was a huge day for DreamU, the transformation company. Advancements in phone technology meant they were able to localise their service from mobile devices. Today was the launch of the app. Customers could now become themselves within the confines of their home* *So long as they paid the hefty subscription fee and the process fee. 

The room was filled with cheers and high-fives as the Development Lead pressed the publish button. The team celebrated, pouring themselves drinks to signify a job well done and a project complete. Before anyone could finish their drink, the social media and support team ran into the room. The several voices incoherent talking at once. The Development Lead asked for one voice at a time. 

"We launched the broken build" Janice, the chubby social media lead said, out of brief having ran from her office. Glasses shattered on the floor, the team shocked, losing their grips. A few limp faint bodies too fell to the floor. The team knew what this simple statement meant. Several of them had proof of why. 

You see, an oversight in the application wasn't noticed until the team were testing the app, preparing it for release. When a user set a specific trait (such as height, muscles, etc.), the application performed an action called an integer overflow. In programming, this is when a number is too big and loops alway to being the extreme negative. Trying to add 1 to 1000 becomes -1000. 

Normally this is fine. In the video game Civ, this famously changes Ghandi to a genocidal maniac. With the DreamU software this makes people the opposite of what they want, and the software recognises the error post-transformation, locking the user out from the app. This lead to hundreds of users increasing their own insecurities rather than fixing them.

Janice, social media manager is only chubby now because of her attempts to make herself as skinny as possible during testing lead her to become obese. She's done well to lose the weight since, but the same cannot be said for the testers with more permanent changes.

Janice, before and after testing
Case 1 - Callum

Callum gave himself his dream body. This included a change of race. He was now black, muscular, skinny, and had a big dick to match. Luckily for him he didn't max out the dick slider. What he did max out though, came from one of his strongest insecurities. Callum had the feeling he was bisexual, he'd increasingly noticed an attraction to men. An attraction he considered unnatural and therefore on the DreamU app when given the choice, he maxed out the heterosexuality slider. Of course this gave the exact opposite result. His insecurities about his bisexual sexuality now magnified and his attraction to women lost. 

Now Callum can be seen being pounded by any man that offers, his big black dick bouncing up and down. The shame adds to the experience. 

Case 2 - Amanda & Lucas

Amanda and Lucas were deeply in love but they had one issue. Lucas's size. He was an unremarkable 4 inches. Usable but nothing to brag about. Amanda had a lot of experience with bigger dicks and had a liking for them. This added a lot of issues in their sexual relationship contrasted to their perfect emotional relationship.
Unbeknownst to each other, both of them were planning on using DreamU to solve this issue. Amanda changed her preference to the smaller dicks and Lucas changed his dick size, both to the max. The actual results being that Amanda was now enthralled by big dicks and loved to humiliated little dicklets like the one Lucas now found himself with. They would have to find alternative arrangements until the app could be fixed. 

Case 3 - Julianne

Julianne faced a less extreme case than the two previous. She simply was insecure about her height and weight. Who isn't in some way. All her friends were short, curvy brunettes whilst she was average height and weight. Trying to fit in with her friends, she set her height to the minimum and curves to the max.
Now extremely lanky, she stands out more. It is a struggle to be around her friend's or really with anyone now, she feels so out of place and exposed. Eyes are drawn to her now, it's impossible to hide in a crowd. That said, she has noticed more attention from guys. A surprising amount of guys like tall girls.

Case 4 - Ava

Ava claims her life has been ruined by her changes. The wife of a pastor and a figurehead of her churchly community, Ava struggled to control her moderate sexual desires. Due to trying to stop them completely with the DreamU app, she now finds herself thinking about sex 24/7 and doing it just as often. Her family have abandoned her but she has made a new family. A family of dozens of blacks guys who take turns with her as they wish, or as she begs.

Case 5 - Marcus

The only gender swap of the cases presented. Marcus spent hours on the app, designing the perfect female body. He wanted to finally cure his body dysmorphia and be the delicate brunette he saw himself as inside. As he submitted the new body and saw that he was locked out, he didn't panic. He was going to finally be the person he wanted to be. 
This thought faded when he noticed he was getting bigger not skinnier. Marcus had set the muscle tone to minimal in the sliders and the app had swapped that all the way to max. Now Marcus was built more like the ideal man than the ideal women. His dysmorphia was far from cured. 

Plain to perfect

Friday, June 14, 2024

Dad bod

Caption text

Lauren (right) and her boyfriend Xavier (left) were visiting Bikini Beach. Lauren was giddy about the experience, her boyfriend would get to be her girly bff for the week. Xavier was a bit hesitant but an unvoiced curiosity meant he went along with it.

Xavier was a big guy, 6’5 with a dad bod to match. Lauren loved the little bit of softness that came with his build and accented his muscles. When Xavier emerged from the transformation centre, Lauren was shocked at what she saw. Out walked an Amazonian woman, one that resembled Xavier’s mother but a lot younger, and prettier.

Even as a women Xavier was 6’1 and the slight pudginess complemented his body shape just as much as it did as a guy. Tall and curvy, Xavier still had a presence over the diminutive Lauren.

Lauren hadn’t thought this through. She hadn’t considered the idea of Xavier being sexier than her. Walking down the beach, he caught far more eyes than she did, even if everyone was a women at the moment. Even though he was normally a man, currently Xavier was more of a woman than Lauren would ever be.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Too busty to hide


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Two accidentally improved relationships


Caption text 1 Kendall and Alex had been together for years, but their sex life had become stale. Kendall was content to just lay there and take it, never really getting into it or expressing any desire for more. Alex, on the other hand, craved a deeper connection and more adventurous sex. One day, Alex confided in his coworker Kaitlyn about their predicament. As it turned out, Kaitlyn was dealing with a similar issue in her own relationship. Her husband the one with little interest in sex whilst she was the sexually frustrated counterpart. Kaitlyn sympathised with Alex, telling him that there was something they could do about that. Assuming Kaitlyn was offering for them to have an affair, he declined her offer, despite the temptation. He got home that night after a long day of work. Kendall was sat waiting for him, make-up and hair done, wearing a sexy outfit. Pretty much as soon as he sat his bags down, she jumped him. As they stripped eachother off, Alex was shocked at how energetic she had became. Her tight heat oozing with desire. She was so insistent, they had sex on the couch. She even let Alex cum inside of her, something she normally hate. She was like a completely different women tonight. Caption text 2 Alex went to bed that night with a smile on his face and his balls empty. A rare occurrence. Waking up fresh, he noticed that Kendall must've already got up. Going about his daily routine, he noticed Kendall with her back to him making breakfast. Hearing Alex walk in, Kendall turned. Doing so revealing a huge, undoubtably pregnant belly. A smile was caked across her face as she said 'Hey Hubby, you slept well! I'm just making us breakfast'. Hubby?! Breakfast? Kendall never made him breakfast. Alex in shock shouted at his 'wife', 'What the fuck is this some weird prank?'. She shushed him, warning him not to scare the baby. Further pushing from Alex meant that 'Kendall' finally broke the news. 'So I'm actually Kaitlyn. I can alter reality with my magic. This was the help that I offered you at work yesterday. Initially, I just swapped bodies with Kendall to help the two of us with our dead bedrooms. Last night was great btw!' Alex was so stunned, he had nothing to say. Kendall continued her explanation 'I casted a second spell, if the sex was good and you came inside me, reality would alter to as if I was always the person in Kendall's body. I guess in this reality we married and have a baby on the way.' On one hand Alex was stressed that the women he loved (despite the starfish sex) had disappeared and his life was irreparably altered. On the other hand, the sex last night was amazing, there was nothing he could do to change this, he can't abandon his baby and if Kaitlyn knew magic, he'd better not get on her bad side. He had to accept that he was an expecting father. At least the sex would be good...

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Conflict continued

Part 1 

Caption 1 text

Invigorated by the discovery of the pleasure of owning a penis, Ria continued to experiment with the sensations she could put it through. The blowjob on the beach opened a lot of doors for her time at Exchange Island. 

First she experimented with some masturbation, it was like as a women, great because you could control the movement and speed but it was missing that human element that sex had. The 'dirtiness' that made it exciting. For the first time in her life, Ria was a selfish lover. She'd spent so long pleasuring dicks she decided it was time she felt said pleasure. From handjobs to blowjobs and even to fully blown penetrative sex (as the penetrator). It was a life changing experience. She would miss it after this vacation.

Something she hadn't considered to feel so good, was footplay. A lover she had taken to her hotel room took the initiative and started playing with her dick with his feet. Perhaps it was the sensation, perhaps it was the taboo or perhaps it was the fact Mark would hate that she was doing this, the feeling of this man's feet around her dick was one of the best experiences she had, as a man or a woman. 

Caption 2 text

The next morning, Ria headed over to an event she had noticed on a flier and was stoked for. Walking down the lobby in her birthday suit, she arrived at naked yoga. Turns out you weren't meant to arrive naked but get changed later. Not that she cared.

Taking a mat in the front row which was in view of the window. The exhibitionist in Ria enjoyed the looks from the yoga attendees behind and the people walking past the window. She too was having a look around, plenty of naked bodies to gaze at. There was one particularly hot guy in the back row with a big dick that dangled in his yoga poses. They exchanged glances and there was a smile between the two.

This drove Ria's body crazy. Her thoughts linger about the guy and what they could do together, Ria's body got hard. There was no way to hide it. Of course for her luck, the next pose involved the crotch towards the roof meaning her mast was fully visible. Ria proudly displayed it for the fellow yoga attendees and the walkers by. Hopefully, Mark would walk past. 

Caption 3 text

After the yoga session, Ria got talking to the guy in the back row, who she thought was hot. Turns out they had a lot in common. He too came to Exchange Island looking for some wild sexual experiences, they were shocked they hadn't ran into each-other already with how similar their interests were (and the activities they had gotten up to). They were destined to meet eventually.

Melding minds, they brought together the best of their past lovers on the island and had a night full of fun. A curated group of Exchange Islanders in male bodies. Chosen for their love-making, impressive features and/or sizeable penises, with the intention of producing a once-in-a-lifetime male-on-male orgy.

Ria's highlight of her night was finding herself in the centre of the group, two men sucking either side of her penis while she had Mark's mouth wrapped passionately around her yoga buddies's cock. By the end of their wild, wild night of sex, Ria had five different guys' cum on or in her and she would need a long time to recover.

Caption 4 text

Mark once again hit his breaking point and challenged Ria on the actions she was performing in his body. He understood that he signed the paperwork, agreeing to this being a possibility but he was worried about STIs and/or permanent damage at this point and felt that whilst she was staying within the rules of Exchange Island, Ria was taking unnecessary risks. 

Once again, Ria took this personally, going to further lengths to upset Mark for his helicopter bodyswapping. How better to upset Mark's issues with her gay antics in his body than to have a gay wedding! A large public one at that.

Once again gathering her fuckbuddies, she formed a groomparty and 'married' her yoga buddy. Exchange Island had the facilities for weddings, a surprisingly common phenomenon on the island. They made the wedding a big event, ensuring there was no way that Mark could miss it. Like all of Ria's events this evolved into a sexual showcase of the groomsparty's proclivities, all of which was public for Mark's 'enjoyment'.

Caption 5 text

Ria's yoga buddy let her in on a little secret about Exchange Island. The company that owns Exchange Islands was in cahoots with a pornography company that used the Island as a way to make popular niche content of sexual acts in swapped bodies. Exchange Island turned a blind eye to the filming, as it was a great source of free advertising. 

Ria's yoga buddy told her that they would be interesting in making a gay porno with the two of them and he assumed it was right up Ria's alley. Of course it was! Now she could leave some lasting evidence of her time here. Something for her to remember the trip by. Oh, and torment Mark further. 

The performance came naturally. Quickly, she forgot that the cameras were even there, lost in the moment. Before and during Exchange Island, she'd basically been training for this exact moment for all her life. Maybe she could make a career out of it when she got home. 

Caption 6 text

After a whole vacation of being adamant that Mark couldn't do anything about her promiscuousness in her body, it turns out he could. Mark reported her activities with an emphasis on concerns of STIs and other damages done to his body. The video evidence didn't help. This escalated to a lawsuit. A consequence of this being that the two would have to remain in eachother's bodies until a court decision was made. 

It was a mixed reaction for Ria. She enjoyed her time in Mark's body, she also loved being a women. She was faced with the consequence of her actions, but still an anger lingered at Mark for the situation he put her in. 

This anger at Mark meant that Ria still help the passion for taboo actions in her male body and the stress meant she was in need of releasing tension quite regularly. Careful not to risk anything that would be an issue with the court case, she kept up the frequent masturbation, footplay and orgies (with a condom this time). 

Monday, June 10, 2024

Great Shift Reunion Party 3

Part 1

Part 2

Caption text

Entering the party, Braden seen so many faces. Most of them were 'strangers' but there was the odd familiar face, whether they were the original inhabitants that couldn't be said as of yet. Everyone gave Braden a huge welcome. He noticed a few lingering eyes, especially from the male bodies, being sexualised was still strange to Braden. There was one older women in the corner who seemed to scan his body for an extended time, the annoyance and jealousy apparent on the aged face. 

Braden took a seat at the table, the two girls across from him shouted over. Initially he struggled to hear over the music but with some concentration, Braden was able to hear what the girl in blue was saying. 

"... another one who became a hot girl! Lucky you. It's Kirsty by the way. Matt's to my left" she looked over to the busty brunette in the low cut dress. Matt and Kirsty were the perfect couple prior to the shift. They met in college and were married almost as soon as they graduated. They were both a bit homely but still made a great pairing. They were far from homely now.

"You're both so pretty now! How have things been?" Braden shouted over. 

"Great actually, other than the fact I have enough tits for the both of us! Both of our bodies are bi so things are amazing" Matt said, turning and smiling at Kirsty as he spoke. 

Sunday, June 9, 2024

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Great Shift Reunion Party 2

Part 1

Caption text

Braden always one to run late, especially now with the extra preparations before he left the house, arrived at the party and everyone was already there. Knocking on his friend's familiar door, he was struct how unfamiliar the voices were from the party. He could recognise cadences but the pitches and tones were very different.

The door was answered by a gorgeous women who greeted him "I only know you're Braden because you're so late! Come on in buddy it's me Anthony. You look great!". The small compliment gave Braden a tiny burst of joy.

Entering the threshold and being escorted to the party by Anthony, he got a better look at Anthony's new body. Braden gasped, and made a quick comment to his friend "Ant! You're jacked!". Anthony smiled. It looked good on his feminine face. He'd clearly gotten this comment plenty today.

Anthony was always a bit tubby. The guys made a few too many jokes about this. Seeing him now with broad shoulders, thick muscular thighs and still a womanly figure to complement was a strange experience for Braden. His primary emotion was happiness, for Anthony, but there was a glint of jealousy at his Amazonian figure. Despite his appreciation of the female body being very different now, there was still an attraction to the women before him.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

She's bigger than him

Caption text
When the Great Shift hit couple Malcolm and Jeanie, both found themselves in male bodies. They thought their relationship was done and they would have to live on as friends. 
Overtime, they adjusted to their new bodies and found that they still had an attraction to one another. Agreeing to try their relationship again. The new gender roles were confusing, Jeanie found herself taking charge more than Malcolm now. Her new body more masculine and much bigger than Malcolm's new effeminate and diminutive body. Comparatively, they were now complete opposites.
Jeanie's new male hormones drove her into overdrive. She hadn't seen Malcolm's body naked yet and couldn't keep her anticipation in check. Getting back to her place, she lifted the much smaller Malcom onto the bed and forcefully removed his clothes. 
With the two now naked, it was apparent that there was another opposite between the two. She was now much more hung than Malcolm. Malcolm's new body having an unfortunately minuscule penis. Malcolm voiced some insecurity about it but he also said that being thrown around by a bigger guy was the most exhilarating sexual experience he had and wanted to continue. 
Malcolm would have his second most exhilarating sexual experience when Jeanie used her much bigger dick to probe his asshole. Fully submitted to his new role in the relationship. Malcolm's prostate orgasm the strongest he'd ever experienced. Despite concerns about their relationship post-shift, they were more compatible now than ever. 

Friday, June 7, 2024

Learning to love my Mom's body

Caption text

I had never felt so uncomfortable in my life. My mom had signed us up for this experimental body swap program, and now I was stuck in her body. It was like a nightmare, but it was all too real. She knew I was unhappy about the situation. So one day, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She threw her lingerie on the bed, her sex toys already to my right. I picked them up and inspected them. Such little fabric.

Quietly, she snuck out of the room and left me to my own devices. Well a lot of the devices used to be hers. I knew she was right. I had to try and make the most of this unfortunate situation. I reluctantly took the lingerie and went to the mirror to change.

As I slipped into the silky lingerie, I couldn't help but feel a strange stirring within me. My mom's body was curvy, and the lingerie hugged my new curves in all the right places. I felt the tickle of the fabric against my thighs, and I couldn't help look in the mirror at my figure.

I rummaged through the bag of sex toys. They were all new to me - vibrators of various shapes and sizes, dildos, and even a strap-on. I felt a blush creep up my cheeks as I realised I was about to use these toys on myself. I selected a small vibrator and laid down on my bed, spreading my legs wide. I tentatively touched myself between the legs, feeling the wetness already gathering there. I turned on the vibrator and pressed it against my clit, gasping at the sensation.

I tried different positions, different speeds, and different toys, each one bringing me closer to the edge. My mom had been right - this body had needs, and I was beginning to enjoy fulfilling them. I felt a sense of liberation, a sense of freedom I had never experienced before. As I reached my climax, This liberation bursted into revelation and acceptance that my new body was a gift not a curse.

My Mom, my bully

Caption text

Maddison, my bully was feared for her cruel pranks and vicious words. She harboured a deep-seated resentment for me especially. Using a forbidden and dark magic spell she had discovered in an ancient, dusty book in her grandparent's home, Maddison stole the body of Amelia, my mother.

Maddison began to use my mom's body to torment me. Erased my mom's once-impeccable reputation. The once-proud mother was now a pariah in her own community, all at the hands of Maddison. My family had long since moved on but I couldn't let Maddison be left alone with my Mom's body.

Maddison, sauntered into the kitchen, her hips swaying from side to side, a smug grin plastered across her face. She knew I was watching her from a distance. She had invited her boyfriend, Chad over. I clenched my fists as I watched the two of them laughing and whispering to each other.

Chad's eyes widened as Maddison began to undress, revealing my mother's bare skin and new hefty fake tits. "Fuck, babe, you look so hot," he groaned, his eyes hungrily devouring her body. Maddison laughed, her eyes gleaming with triumph. "You want a taste, don't you, Chad?" she purred, running her fingers through her hair. "Of course I do, baby," he growled, reaching out to grab her ass.

Before long, Chad had my mother's body on a table him as he pound her mercilessly. I guess this was better than her doing hard drugs in my mom's body. I’ve long since became numb to this kind of display. I’m just waiting for her to get bored at some point and go back to her own body. 

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Pretty in Pink

Been playing around with AI faceswaps, they're great for a before and after. Generally, don't like AI because it can be really unrealistic and it ruins immersion. 

What do you think? Is the picture on the right okay enough for your experience?

Caption text

Lynn was a model student, pretty and popular. She had it all. It was summer when the Role Exchanger hit her and her friend group whilst they were on a trip to New York. Lynn had just been talking about being sad leaving them all when she went to MIT.

Her swaps from the Role Exchanger meant she wouldn’t have to worry about that for long. She caught a lot of unfortunate traits from the attendants of a porn convention in their hotel.

Outwardly the changes were clear: Fake breasts from one performer, BBL from another and dyed pink hair from another. She could’ve easily been mistaken for one of the ‘attractions’.

Lynn failed to fully comprehend her mental changes immediately following the swap. The main thing she noticed was that she really liked the pink hair and wasn’t a fan of her old wardrobe. 

Progressively, her clothes became more and more revealing. Her make-up more suggestive. One day, on a whim she got her nipples pierced.

The next thing she became aware of was a lack of interest in her studying. Instead, she spent her time taking pictures of herself. Now far more vain. These pictures progressed from full-face selfies, to including her new impressive cleavage, to faceless posts on reddit, to starting an OnlyFans and finally to working in the Porn industry. 

By the end of summer, she had no plans of showing up at MIT. She was a top 10 Pornstar on Pornhub and a dead ringer for best newcomer at AVN.

Lynn was no longer a model student but a erotic model, no longer pretty but sexy and she was still popular, just in a far different way.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Fit to Fat and back again

Caption 1 text

Claire was very proud of her physique pre-shift. She wasn’t a big gym goer but she definitely took care of herself. Her diet was superb and she was generally active. She knew she had a great body, and loved to show it off in tight dresses.

During the Great Shift she found herself in an overweight women’s body. Despite this, the body was really pretty and had a lot of potential. She did a fantastic job at getting the body skinny. She even became an active gym member in her pursuit of a skinny body. The hard work in her Great Shift body seen her go from fat to skinny to fit. By the end of her journey her body was better than her pre-shift body and she was immensely proud of it. 

Because of the hard work not only following the Great Shift but her life before, it was a real kick in the ass when the Great De-Shift shown her how her old body had been treated. 

Back in her old body (which may as well have been a completely different body), the inhabitant had let it slip. Not only was she now older and fatter, she’d grown to love her Shift body. It was prettier than she was and she’d worked harder on it than anything else in her life. It’s time to see if she could do the process over again.

Caption 2 text

Jazz lived all of her life being told she was pretty ‘for a big girl’. She points to this as to why she always struggled with her weight. In ways it enabled her. There were plenty of guys who liked her at her size. 

When she was shifted into Claire’s body she made a conscious effort to maintain Claire’s skinny body. For a short while, she did but eventually her old eating habits started to creep in and the pounds started to gather. She didn’t get to her previous weight but just before the De-Shift, she was close. 

Claire’s body wore the weight far worse than Jazz’s body did. The weight gain was far less complementary, especially to her bust and hips. Claire’s body held it in the arms and stomach. 

Jazz was no longer was able to excuse her weight by her natural beauty that exuded through the layers of fat. 

Returning to her old body with the De-Shift was therapeutic for Jazz. She had remembered how good it felt to be skinny when she was first in Claire’s body but this was different. Her body was in the best shape of anyone she’d ever seen. 

The confidence soared through her, finally she had the looks and the body. Her old ‘thunder thighs’ had a whole new meaning. She wasn’t going let it slip this time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Favourite concepts/ themes

 Just a quick one, what concepts/ themes would you like to see more of?

BBW Commission collection

Caption 1 text
The nature of the masturbation presents some very interesting dynamics following the FOSE. Most of the time, it's guys masturbating to girls. Guys are just so much hornier and objectifying than girls. We often hear about the guys who ended up at hot women, whether it be influencers, classmates, entertainers or any of the other option that show up. We don't hear about the people who end up as average looking or even in ugly women. There are the rare occasions where the women is the culprit of the swap. Martin is one of those cases. 
Martin's unique experience was waking up in a nice house but in a not-so-nice body. His new hand was submerged in a soaked vagina, his new heart racing and his breath panting. Whilst he was asleep, his manager Cassandra had been thinking about him, pleasuring herself to the fit and handsome Martin. She was always a bitch to Martin but it seemed that came from a place of attraction. 
Cassandra's action left him in her overweight mature body. Worst of all, several people when they heard his situation, assumed that he had been the one masturbating and that he had a thing for 'middle-aged fatties'. Not all men are horny animals. Sometimes, the lonely bitchy managers that are the real horndogs. 
Caption 2 text
Ciro was nervous about going on his first date in a long-time. His long-time girlfriend had came out as gay and decided they would be better as friends. She was actually the one who set up the date for him. All she said was that it was a girl from her workplace, she was exactly his type and they would be really good together. 
Sat at the restaurant, Ciro fiddled nervously. Like a scene out of a movie, this tall brunette with fat in all the right places walked in confidently. Her tight red dress hugging her waist and complementing her full breast and hips. Ciro's jaw was on the floor. She was his type to a tee.  
When she sat down eloquently and revealed herself as Emma, Ciro struggled to get his words out. Emma talked for him. "Before we start this date, I think I should clear something up. I used to be a guy.". Ciro struggled for words for a completely different reason. He wasn't interested in a trans person. Like she read his mind, Emma continues "I know what you're thinking, no I'm not trans. I was actually cursed by a witch. Long story." Ciro had no idea what to think. 
"With that cleared out, I think it's best you consider who knows how to treat a dick better than someone who used to have one...". The silence lingered as Ciro considered the comment, until he came to his decision of whether to continue with the date.
At home after the date, reminiscing about the post-date activities, Ciro got a text. It was from 'Emma'. It had an image attached where she was wearing what looked like a t-shirt from when she was a guy, her cleavage wondrously shown-off. The text said 'Hey. Enjoyed our date tonight. It sure seemed like you did too. Look forward to the next one.' 
Caption text 3
Rob was unbelievably horny but his dad had just put content blockers on his devices. He knew his Dad had a collection of old porno mags, he'd seen them hiding under the bed as a kid. Grabbing one at random, he headed to his room to jerk off. He found a really hot full page spread of some 18 year old British girl, she was skinny, blonde and unbelievably sexy. 
For all Rob's luck, today was the day that the FOSE occurred. As Rob orgasmed, he became aware that he was in another room. And in an older, plump women's body. The body he was in was wearing was in a very revealing outfit, one very similar to the one in the porn mag he was looking at previous, except a lot tighter. 
Scanning the room, he noticed an open laptop and a camera. On the laptop screen was a video of his new body and a scrolling chat beside it. Actually, it wasn't a video. It was a live cam show and he was the model... 
Looking at the screen closer he saw his new face. Despite the aging, the weight gain and the general decline in attractiveness, the face was undoubtably that of the model from his Dad's porno mag. The chat were asking for him to continue the show, they didn't understand why the model suddenly stopped stripping.
If the FOSE had of happened a few weeks ago before the content blocker, he probably would've been one of Lana Rhoades, Abella Danger or Riley Reid. Someone young, hot and desirable. Instead, his unknowing mishap of masturbating to some 90s porn mags meant he was now stuck in a 46 year old broke overweight stripper/ cam-model's body. 
Caption 4 text
Jack got into his car. A distraught girl crying, watching him leave. It was a regular pattern for Jack and his womanising ways. The fit 21 year old Londoner was a real looker and knew it all too well. His posh London accent was huge advantage in the dating game, women swooning over it. He made a hobby of picking up girls, promising them the world and then walking away once he got what he wanted from them. 
Today he 'pump-and-dumped' the wrong woman. The girl he had just abandoned was from a lineage of magic practitioners.
A few minutes into driving home, with no remorse for his womanising ways at all, Jack started to get light headed. He pulled over to the side of the road, his consciousness slowly fading. By the time he had stopped the car fully, he was blacked out.
Jack came to in a strange bedroom. Attempting to get out of bed, he struggled, his body feeling much heavier than before. Managing to get to the point he was sat on the bed, he noticed the large stomach resting over his legs and on top of those were heavy breasts. Further inspection of his body revealed painted nails and toes, blonde hair on his shoulders. 
He rushed to the mirror to inspect his new body, where he was faced with an overweight women dressed in bright blue lingerie. "What the fuck is this!" he exclaimed to himself. Shocked by the change in his voice, not only the feminine pitch of it but the regional accent that he couldn't quite place yet. His posh accent gone. 
Seeing a purse on the top of a set of drawers. he found an ID. He was now Samantha, a 45 year old women from Sheffield. What he hadn't yet realised was that this wasn't Samantha's room and there was a reason she slept in lingerie. 
Caption 5 text
John couldn't believe what had happened to him. Last night he went to bed himself, a 54 year old  businessman on the verge of retirement after a very successful career. This morning he found himself much younger, much heavier and much much more womanly.
He hadn't noticed the change when he first woke up, he even had a full conversation with his wife whilst they laid with their back turn to eachother. Seemingly, the only thing to stay the same was his voice. Eventually, John turned over and put an arm round his wife. As she and he both saw the chubby, manicured, feminine hand wrap round her, they screamed in symphony. His masculine voice coming out of his new female body.
John recognised the hand... it was his secretaries's. Yesterday, when he was at work it was wrapped around his dick. Today it's attached to him. John jumped out of bed, the moment causing excessive jiggling. Making the way to the mirror, he saw his young 21-years chubby secretary looking back at him (she was exactly his type), wearing one of the many lingerie she wore under her work clothes for John's pleasure. 
Yesterday, a cleaning lady walked into the two having their regular 'meetings'. The cleaning lady lingered, and said something in her native language. A look of disappointment the only indicator of what she was saying. John now realised she had cursed him as a punishment for his infidelity. 
"What the fuck is this, John?" John's wife asked.
John had no idea how he was going to explain this.