Tuesday, April 30, 2024


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My FiancĂ© Kate always talked about her attraction and interest in women and dream of experimenting but due to our relationship, she was sad to be locked out of one side of her sexuality. As a nice surprise for her birthday, before we tied the knot, I thought I would give her a chance to have the lesbian experience she hoped for. I’d use Swap Clinic for a temporary swap into a women’s body. Kate could experiment without the cheating. 

I found this eye-catching listing advertising  a 20 year old female body available to ‘rent’. The listing was perfect, young, pretty and cheap. It looked too good to be true and it was. I’d been caught in a catfishing scam. Now I was stuck in the body of some old women who by the look of it, had a busy past. Likely a prostitute or stripper.

I came home, I had planned to make a big reveal but the devastation I felt had long since washed those plans away. Obviously my partner was shocked to see a stranger women come into our house but a brief explanation quickly convinced her I was telling the truth. Surprisingly, she was really appreciative of the steps I went for her. 

Eventually I became used to my new body, my saggy fake tits with poorly healed scars, my chubby figure, my aches and pains. What made the adaption far easier was the support and love from Kate, who showed she still loved me for who I was, she revelled in the daily lesbian sex. Her ability to eat vagina far exceeds her blowjob skills, I’m having a dozen orgasms session.

Monday, April 29, 2024

Hotter now

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Emphasis on the 'Role'

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James released an unconscious moan of pleasure, the noise slightly strained by the tight grip of the muscular hand wrapped around his dainty throat. His head was airy, the limited oxygen giving him that dizziness that he had recently came to love. The knowledge of how little control he had in his own safety, accelerating his approaching climax.

The Role Exchanger (with an emphasis on the ’Role’) had hit James and his Wife Hannah. The two were preparing for one of their usual bedroom sessions. The two were huge BDSM and power-play enthusiasts. James a confident commanding dom whilst Hannah was his submissive little play-thing. The two had areas within their home dedicated to their kinks and were active members in the fetish. 

It’s hard to say specifically who or what the changes were but on initial review the two had swapped genders, became a bit younger and much, much more attractive. James was a slim, tanned, chesty 20 year old with a pretty face and dark hair whilst Hannah became a broad, muscular and hairy man. She was a picture of masculinity, he of womanhood. 

It was not long until the two discovered they had switched orientation and roles with the bedroom. In the chaos of the Role Exchanger, Hannah took naturally to being in charge of the couples plans. Seeing the attractive man taking over and telling him what to do, produced in James an unfamiliar full body heat and an eagerness to do as he was told. Hannah’s unique sense of power and control thrilled her too. Her pants tightened at the sight of the  sexy women following her commands and look so good doing it. It wasn’t long until they were exploring the boundaries of their new roles throughout the house.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Double Date 3

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Amelia’s reservations about Everett’s new penis size turned out to be warranted. Despite her physical attractions to the body he now inhabited, she couldn’t overcome the memories of Everett’s huge member and her Size Queen tendencies. How it filled her, hit all of her spots and several of them at the same time due to it’s size. His new one didn’t hit the same. It was horrible for her, the man she loved stuck in a new body for the next month that couldn’t please her.

The guilt was exasperated by the actions fuelled by her dissatisfaction. After another rather disappointing session with Everett, her frustrations broke her and she messaged Sam to see if he would be interested in having a coffee. A seemingly innocent meeting with some hidden intentions…

And so an interesting dynamic developed between Sam and Amelia, both sleeping with their partner’s bodies inhabited by someone else whilst they themselves were using someone else’s body. Was it an affair? Was it a strange version of cuckoldry? Who was to say… all Amelia had to say was that Sam knew how to use his new member, maybe better than the original owner. Years of insecurity had made him a gifted lover.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Double Date 2

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“It’s still big enough babe, of course it’s going to look small compared to your one sweetie, but maybe you’ll like it?” Amelia said, her hand wrapped around her Husband’s new shorter and skinny penis. She rubbed it gently trying to strengthen her Husband’s waining confidence. Assuming he was fully hard, his new member was maybe the same size as his old body’s soft member. Amelia tried to provide an mask of satisfaction.

Everrett had always known he was well-endowed but he didn’t realise how much confidence and self-worth he drew from it. Now having swapped bodies with his college buddy, Sam and his wife swapping with his wife, Sharon. His perspective has been altered. He didn’t want his issues to affect this unique experience that the two could share. Perhaps he’d find that it was just as good being average sized. There were other benefits, he was taller for example.

Amelia wasn’t too worried about swapping bodies with Sharon. They were a similar age, same race and they had similar proportions. The major only differences were hair colour and her new fake breasts. Really unless she thought about it, she’d wouldn’t realise she wasn’t herself. Her body was definitely attracted to the man across from her. Despite her Size Queen tendencies in which her attraction was heavily based on the person’s ‘equipment’, hopefully this body’s biological preferences would overcome her reservations.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Relationship issues

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“Slow down. This is pretty intense. Everything is so new to me.” Stella put a hand out to stop her Boyfriend Ian, a hand that 5 hours ago hadn’t belonged to her. His sexual frenzy taking over for and driving Stella over the edge. 

Ian and Stella had an argument earlier today, hurtful insults were hurled at each other. The last two sentiments the two exchanged were that Ian wished he could fuck Stella’s mother instead and that Stella wished he wanted to sleep with her. As things do in our karmic universe, the world found a way to solve their relationship issues.

The argument seemed to make the two very tired and so they took a quick nap in different rooms. Ian’s nap was quickly interrupted by a screech from Stella’s Mother’s room. The screech was that of Stella waking up in her Mother’s body. Worst of all when Ian entered the room to investigate, she didn’t have time to process before they jumped each other’s bones. A magical need to go at it. Stella had to explain her situation between breathless ecstasy she’d never felt the likes of. Unfamiliar sexual sensations filled her whilst Ian pounded away, his cock was as hard as it’d been, his consciousness washed away by a primal attraction.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Too old for bikinis


Tuesday, April 23, 2024



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The smirk painted Carrie’s new face. As the affair partner of a man she’d come to love, a man with a family and wife at stake, she had found a way to have her cake and eat it too. 

Brian, her affair partner, had came to her last week and told her that due to his Wife finding out about their time together, they had to end their 3 year ‘fling’ or she would expose him.

Brian was a unlike any man Carrie had dated before. Far more mature and romantic than any of the shitty guys Carrie’s age. Carrie couldn’t care that he was married, passion took over and this passion soon turned to genuine love. 

Desperate to get him back, devastated that he had ended it because of his bitchy Wife, Carrie reached out to her friend who was into all that weird witch stuff. Tarots, star signs, etc. Maybe she knew of a solution.

That she did… Carrie was given a sole solution. A devious plan was generated by the mistress and her friend, a possession incantation. With the help of her friend, Carrie would take Brian’s Wife’s life whilst she would be stuck observing her own body being driven by somebody else. 

Carrie hasn’t told Brian yet, she’s been keeping up the facade. It wasn’t that easy dealing with the kids or the new job but the loving passionate sex between the two was worth the sacrifice. From Brian’s perspective, he didn’t understand what had got into his wife. Maybe she was just glad that he had chosen her over that slut Carrie?Not that it was a hard choice. Either way he liked it.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Double Date 1

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“It’s so big…” Sharon said, eyes entranced on the unfamiliar intimidating phallus. All Sam could do was nod in awe, his thoughts distant. The shaking leading to a sway in his new impressive dick. The two had planned to started exploring their bodies but were stunned by what they discovered.  

Sam and Everett had been best friends since college. Roommates over their time studying. The two guys were always at the bars, having a good time, taking girls home quite regularly. They had a bit of a reputation in the local nightlife.

A decade removed from college, the two caught up over some beers. After getting past the typical greetings, discussions and pleasantries they were back to how they used to be. Eventually, the discussion got to their relationships. Both very happy and committed, they both gushed about their partner’s. Still they agreed that there was a thrill missing, a thrill of a new girl like when they partied. The players still lived deep within them. This discussion spawned a unique idea in the two, using Swap Technology, the men and their partners could swap bodies. A special spin on a ‘double date’. 

Now with Sam and Sharon in the bodies of Everett and Amelia, the two had went on a typical date and had returned home. Sam had caught a glimpse of his dick in the toilets but whilst flaccid it wasn’t that remarkable. Sharon’s new body really wasn’t that much of a change, longer and lighter hair but a pretty much similar body. Well she would learn one significant change, this body had a preference, almost a need for bigger dicks. Sam’s new cock was scary until her body’s ‘needs’ took over and to her surprise not only was she taking it like a champ but it felt enlightening. 

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Unknown number


Saturday, April 20, 2024

Amateur photography

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Danny used to be an amateur photography enthusiast. He spent a lot of his time outside of work just going on walks, taking pictures and sharing to his small instagram following. He’d make the odd bit of money by doing commission work for wedding or professional shoots.

When the Role Exchanger hit, he was glad to retain his photography knowledge and passion, although he did face more significant changes elsewhere. Now on the other side of the fence, he swapped genders. Additionally, he experienced an increase in muscle mass and an increased care for his outward performance. With the combined vanity and muscularity, he could be easily defined as a kind of ‘muscle barbie’. 

Now splitting his free time between the gym, learning makeup, fashion and hair, and photography, he has start to post to instagram more, his posts featuring more and more of his new form. A willingness to show himself off born from the Role Exchanger, complemented by knowledge of lighting, framing, contrast and other photography concepts.

His engagement seemed to spike massively from post-RE days. With the numbers he got, he didn’t need to do commission work to make some money on the side, and he didn’t need to pay for a model. If he embraced the muscle barbie nickname that filled the comment section, it might not need to be a side-gig either.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Best friends

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“Fuck you” Grant said paired with a raised manicured middle finger, making the message clear to his smug friend Matt. The slight smirk and bright eyes on Grant’s thoughtfully painted face making it clear the insult was not heartfelt. 

The two had developed quite the love affair since the Great Shift. Grant swapped with their English teacher, Mrs Irvin, whilst Matt swapped with his own father. The only two of their friend group who hadn’t swapped with someone who was a fellow student. This initially brought the two together, a shared grievance to bond over. 

Eventually as things do with men and women, the friendship developed to something more. Both in age appropriate bodies for the other, it seemed that each inherited their biological maturity and preferences for those of a similar age. Matt made Grant feel desired and Grant made Matt forget he was in his father’s body. 

As their relationship evolved, so did the way they spent time together. Officially partners at this point, Grant does his best to look good for date night, it brings the best out of Matt when they get home. Now, with Matt’s cum dripping out of his vagina, he can’t help but make jokes. After all, it’s great when your partner is your best friend.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Kinda badass

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Waking up grateful

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Dwayne hated the Great Shift. He hated being in this old women’s body. He hated having to pretend he didn’t. He hated that he had to keep up his PR on social media and interviews. At least when he did PR before the Great Shift, he just had to put on a smile and be his slightly altered self. 

As you’re probably aware, Dwayne was a huge celebrity. An NFL dropout to the best wrestler in the WWE to the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Then the Great Shift hit. 

Finding himself in the body of some snobby housewife, all of his work on his body and acting was pointless. It’s not like he was a great dramatic actor, and a grandma isn’t going to make a good action star. 

Since the Great Shift, he’s just sat on his stacks of money from his career and went radio silent. Observing how the world was evolving. Plenty of celebs were keeping their following after the Shift even in their new bodies. Chris Pratt now an asian schoolboy, Ariana Grande an obese man and more weird results from the Great Shift.

He wasn’t the only person who seen this, his publicist sent him a message that he was going to have to get back out there and make some public appearances. 

So he was forced to go to the gym to take a photoshoot. Some bullshit about post-shift acceptance. That was only the start of it. His team now has him on a media tour, preaching acceptance of new bodies, even though he hated his.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Work ethic

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Austin was one of the many people following the FOSE who got stuck in the body of a pornstar. It meant that he wasn't that guilty about what he did. He'd heard horror stories of people in their kids bodies or innocent women who found themselves in stalkers bodies. There was something more forgiving about the fact that he had jerked off to something that was meant to be jerked off to. 

The lack of guilt wasn't the only thing that made him adapt quicker. He had no choice but to embrace sex as a women. His new body was made for porn. Not just because it looked great on camera, but the libido of the body was astronomical. Austin had always thought that guys were meant to be the horny ones. Maybe this women was the exception to the rule but nowadays he was far more horny and far more often than he ever was as a guy.

His family didn't like that he had gotten a pornstar's body. They hated that he started doing porn once he got the body. He didn't really have a choice, he had to treat the irresistible urge for his new damp heat to be filled. At least by doing porn, his partners would be tested and he would make some money. Austin soon earned a reputation as the hardest working porn actress in the world, but it wasn't because of his work ethic.

Monday, April 15, 2024


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The Role Exchanger hit whilst Jason was working his laborious janitorial job. He’d worked at this same store for years now, always cleaning up after everyone for years.
In the midst of cleaning some spilled milk, a blue light engulfed him followed by screaming. Witnessing the chaos around him, he ran to his storeroom distancing himself from the situation. During his  run he felt incredibly sluggish, the stress of the situation making his chest feel heavy. He felt weak, like he was running on mud.
Getting to the room, he saw that a young women in janitorial clothes was already there. A new hire? He walked towards her, she walked towards him. The ‘girl’ didn’t exist. In a stressed haze, he hadn’t realised he was looking in the mirror, at himself. The chaos of the scene had made him oblivious to his changes. 
The young women in the mirror was significantly younger and far better looking than he ever was. Inspecting his body, checking out his painted nails, his soft feminine arms where his old tattoos still present, he brushed his sizeable chest, that explains the heavy chest during his run. Looking to inspect further, it took just as sizeable of an effort to free them from his tight top. The breasts had once belonged to an obese women and now sat on his young and thin body making the contrast rather stark.
With the wide assortment of people within the store, he was lucky to have got such a great selection of traits. The best of which was not obvious upon surface level inspection. He’d got the acting and singing chops from a visiting Hollywood star. He’d no longer need to clean up other peoples messes for a living.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Swap swinging

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Saving for later

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Clarissa made sure to film this, she wanted to show Derrick it later. It would be so funny for him to watch it back. The sexy women rubbing their face against the huge black cock was Clarissa’s husband of 5 years. 

The couple lived in Brazil and made their money as Swap Hosts for Swap Vacation. It was an interesting career. The two had found their place trashed regularly, there were a lot of strange interactions with people who knew them but they never interacted with, and they had to plenty of testing for STDs and Pregnancy. 

The vacationers for the current Swap Vacation were two Americans. The girl a stripper and her partner, the bouncer. Clarissa and Derrick always enjoyed experiencing different lives. This had to be the biggest dick that either of them had had yet and Derrick’s body had to be the sexiest. It would be a fun time, especially since they were getting paid for it.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Famous tits

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Dan was ecstatic. His luck had paid of for once, although with a little nudging. Last night, the night before Swap Class started, Dan snuck into school and fudged the numbers so he would get Heather Jameson’s body. Heather was far and away the hottest girl in school, her tits were famous throughout the town’s teenage community.

After an awkward journey home where Dan’s parents were silent and his sister’s moaned about how much of a bitch Heather had been to them, Dan finally got some peace and time to himself.

He danced with joy. The rhythmic movements slapping his meaty tits against one another. He could get used to this. Maybe he should sneak back to school and break the swap machine.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Tight outfit

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Robbie thought he was done with Second Puberty. It had been a long few months with constant minute changes everyday. Every morning he was practically a new person. 

This morning he woke up with a swelling on his chest. The tenderness of his breasts familiar with the last time they grew. They were already quite big, he wasn’t sure he could deal with much more size in them. 

He had a dinner he had to attempt today so couldn’t even got to the store to get new bras or tops. He had no choice but to wear his least revealing clothes, hoping they would work with his new additions. The item he chose a denim zip-up that was once incredibly loose. 

At the dinner, he realised his outfit wasn’t quite as good as he thought. The zip constantly dropped from the pressure. Damn the Second Puberty, he thought.

Except the recent expansion wasn’t from Second Puberty. Robbie’s proclivities in his female body had caught up to his. His breasts were swelling from the early stages of pregnancy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Yours not mine

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

J.J's awakening

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J.J. had a huge interview coming up and due to the location, he had to use the Long Distance Body Swap to attend. Thankfully, the company was happy to provide a host body, a middle management employee.

Once he woke up from the swap, naturally J.J. inspected his new body. He was very handsome, the body as a whole was a major upgrade. J.J. felt a growing pressure in his suit pants, as he gazed at his unfamiliar body. He had a boner, for himself.

Maybe it was the orientation of the new body, maybe it was the freedom of being detached from his normal reality but the bodywap had awakened a new sexuality in him. And from what he could tell, this body has some very irresistible urges. 

Which is how he found himself on his knees, snuck off in a medical room, sucking a stranger’s cock. He’d long forgotten about his interview. It was a strange experience for J.J., his first time with a man and he was doing it in an other man’s body. Something about his lips wrapped around the stranger’s cock, the well toned abs directly hovering over him, a strong masculine hand on the back of his head, urging him, it was all so right. 

Monday, April 8, 2024


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Layla was sure that asshole, Brent was behind this all. She stared through the binoculars conveniently set near the window pointing at her old house. The view was something she’d never thought she’d have to witness. 

Brent was in the middle of a passionate self exploration. Plunging a bright red dildo into Layla’s pussy. She didn’t own a dildo… Brent had clearly bought one. The way Brent was positioned, Layla was convinced that he wanted to be seen. To taunt Layla.

Brent had put up a good act with her, convincing her that he didn’t know why they swapped bodies and that they should pretend to be eachother whilst they’re stuck as eachother. Eventually, weeks into being stuck in Brent’s teenage body she was starting to think otherwise.

As Layla watched her old body, the perfect tits swaying with each thrust, the well tanned even complexion, the dainty tight pussy being stretched by the sex toy, her teenage hormones took over. Maybe she should do some exploration too but for now she’ll stay to watch a few minutes longer.

Sunday, April 7, 2024


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Christian had gotten the body of Haley in Swap Class. He wasn’t actually sure who she was when her name was called out. When he seen her, he was distraught. She was that one completely nondescript, quiet girl that you would only remember for as long as she was in your point of view. 

Christian had hoped if he was going to be a girl, he could at least be a hot one. He knew that his friends were all going to make some low blows whilst he was stuck in this nerdy body for the next few weeks. 

When he got home, he figured he may as well investigate the situation. Taking his top and bra off, it was amazing. Haley had done a fantastic job hiding her perfect breasts, slim toned stomach and hourglass figure. 

Next taking off the glasses. It was like one of those cliche movies where by taking off glasses, suddenly the main girl looks like a supermodel. Maybe he should go to the pool party later, he’d definitely turn a few heads. 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Look closer


Friday, April 5, 2024


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Ray posed in front of the Arc de Triomphe, following his partner’s instructions. For the last picture he went a bit rogue, exposing his breasts. He tried to play it off as a joke but secretly he’d wanted to have something to remember the great rack he had for their holiday. Oh and maybe his partner would like the view.

Ray and Francesca always wanted to go to France. Well, Francesca did. She loved the idea of a romantic get away. Ray agreed on one condition, they use Swap Vacation. He didn’t want to waste the time or money traveling. Maybe different bodies would make it interesting too.

Which it did. Finding themselves in the bodies of two French friends, one male and one female. The couple ending up in the body of the different gender. Francesca was a bet grossed out to be in a man’s body but Ray loved being in a female body. 

The next few days they visited the notable landmarks, went of little cafĂ© dated and surprisingly, Ray was all on board. Perhaps it was the female appreciation of this stuff or the novelty of the situation. Emily on the other hand, didn’t seem to be enjoying herself as much. When she thought Ray wasn’t looking, she’d sneak looks at him. Most of her sightseeing was at Ray. That’s why Ray decided to give her something to stare at. Maybe they can make their bodies more than friends.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Post-shift therapy

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Freddie wrapped his new tiny mouth around the older man’s cock. The leathery skin rubbing against his lips. The old man’s penis too girthy for him to get further than just the head. 
The old man was his girlfriend, Emily and the mouth he was wrapping around her aged tip once belonged to Emily’s sister. The body that Emily now owned was a cranky old man from the neighbourhood.
Emily and Freddie were several weeks into post-shift therapy. The married couple wanted to rekindle their relationship and salvage what they could. The therapist has informed them that relationships were often more than physical, often the sexual attraction develops following last. With this the Therapist left them some homework: to take eachother on dates and see how things go.
Shockingly, the regular dates set the ball rolling on their relationship. Freddie never would’ve thought he’d see this old man as attractive but the more of Emily that shun through the more Freddie see a world where they could become physically involved again.
After their latest date and a breakthrough in therapy, Freddie made a suggestion that no doubt Emily would agree with. Taking his top off and unzipping Emily’s pants, with some urging Emily’s member stood to attention. Surprised by the size, Freddie was admittedly intimidated but knew there was no turning back.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024


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Jake and Jessie were avid hikers. They loved to spend their time outdoors, feeling the fresh breeze, hearing the birds cry and immersing themselves in the peaks they climbed. 

They did have a bit of a ‘tradition’ whilst hiking. As they summited each peak, they would sneak away to somewhere quiet and Jessie would give Jake head. Not always to completion but enough for Jake to take a picture with the distant horizon behind Jessie’s head bobbing up and down Jake’s dick.

The next peak on their bucket list was an obscure mountain in South America but between finances and time, the only feasible option was to use Swap Vacation. They’d just had to hope their bodies would be fit enough to do the climb. 

Fortunately, the bodies they found themselves in were in good shape. They were Americans who had settled in the country. The only downside was that Jake and Jessie found themselves in the body of the other gendered partner. 

On the hike, Jessie enjoyed the longer strides and strength to climb whilst Jake complained about being weaker and the bra digging into his back. To which Jessie replied ‘take it off then’, embracing the masculine mindset.

Summiting, Jessie was sure to inform Jake that it would be a shame to break their tradition. She was excited to be the receiving end of it this time. Jake reluctantly obliged, understanding she would do the same. Jessie made sure to captured the moment perfectly, gorgeous view included. She ‘accidentally’ uploaded it to her story, which Jake hadn’t noticed. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Checking in


Monday, April 1, 2024


Caption text

I was one of those white guys who would tell you I ‘didn’t see colour’. I never understood the problems with this perspective. So, when the Great Shift swapped me into the body of a black model, I learned my lesson.

I was quick to embrace my new body. Far faster than most. I took quickly to making myself look pretty and sexy, it was easy in my new form. Naturally, this drew a lot of attention. 

Somehow, racism persisted following the Great Shift. Not necessarily in the same form but persisted still. My friend’s still made jokes about race, there were still biases in everyday things like job interviews, security checks and so on. 

The worst part that I have had to experience is the fetishisation of black bodies. Embracing my new body, many of my new sexual partners eventually reveal they seen me not as a women but a black women, the novelty of sleeping with me a core part of their experience. Some of the dirty talk massively crossing the line. I don’t let any of these get in the way of embracing my new body.