Sunday, May 19, 2024

Old fashioned

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Gerald was excited for his time in Swapville. He was retired and thought it would be a good way to enjoy it, even if it meant being back in work. Hell, if he was lucky his body would kick the bucket and he'd get to keep the new one. When he got his brief for Swapville he knew he was lucky, he was going to be a 30 year old owner of a successful small business and he had a Hotwife. Gerald's ignorance didn't noticed nor understand why Hotwife was one word or capitalised. 

Gerald's first week was going good, he got on well with his new wife. She was banging hot and he made sure she knew it though she wasn't taking any of his advantages. Gerald was so busy as a small business owner that he didn't mind for now. 

He got home on the first Friday night, ready to initiate sex with his partner only to be welcomed to loud moans as he entered the bedroom. He was met with his 'wife' being plowed by some stranger. He tried to start a fight with the guy but a voice came over the house, it was the researchers for Swapville. They informed him that this would be an uncharacteristic action and that he must maintain his assigned role. 

Deflated, his 'wife' told him to take a seat and watch like he was meant too. When the initial anger subsided, he realised how much his new body enjoyed watching his wife be used by another man. Eventually, he began touching himself through his underwear to the view and came surprisingly quick. Despite being a old fashioned man, for the new few years, Gerald would be stuck in a 'modern' relationship, he'd have to educate himself on terms like 'pussy-free' and 'bull'.

Saturday, May 18, 2024


I've decided to move to a commission model using Ko-Fi, as this blog can be quite time consuming  and therefore this is hopefully a way to help me sustain it better. I've tried to keep the pricing to a minimum as I wanted to make sure it is accessible for everyone. All requests made before this day will be honoured. 

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I hope you understand this decision. Hopefully it allows me to provide a better service to you guys and it lets you show your support.

New Hobbies

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"Have you got enough?" Andy (left) said.

"How much did these all cost?" Phil (right) joined in.

My two best friends were busting my balls, not that I had any anymore. They were making fun of me in that sarcastic way that only male friend groups do, except now we were all women. The 'guys' came over for a few drinks and a catch up, we'd all been hit by the Great Shift but didn't let that affect our ability to bond over a few drinks except our new taste pallettes made them a bit fruiter.

Andy had swapped with his little sister, Phil with his fiance and I swapped with a stranger. I wasn't aware of the women but I would find out she was a major figure in the sex positive community. She had a podcast and did a lot of talks. She was really accommodating after the Shift, her sex positive mindset really helped me adjust. One day she arrived at my door with a suitcase full of sex toys and said I don't need these anymore, maybe you want them. 

I was initially very hesitant until one lonely night, where I unzipped the suitcase and went on a wonderful adventure. And that's how my sex toy collection started. It's long since expanded. I understand why the guys are shocked but I told them the story, even sharing some of my bodies original owner's thoughts on sex positivity post-shift and they seemed intrigued. By the end of the night, I was going through boozy demonstrations for the 'guys' as they followed suit. 

Friday, May 17, 2024

Love remains

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Love after the Great Shift is a very complex and fluid thing. Often the emotional bonds remain but the physical attraction isn’t the same, whether it gets stronger or weaker. Sometimes the attraction stayed the same but got a whole lot more taboo…

This story is very much the case, it involves two lovers, Amy and Frank, and Frank's best friend Jalen. Frank had the worst swap of the three, he lost a lot of height and gained a lot of weight. He was still around the same age but his new body wasn't a looker. Jalen got Frank's body, not better or worse than his old one. Amy got the best swap of the three, she was overjoyed. She was good looking before but now she was gorgeous, tall, blond, pretty and thick in all the right places. Frank too was happy that his girlfriend was so pretty. 

This happiness only lasted so long, despite her love for Frank, she had not feelings for his new form. She had to break it to him very softly as she knew he was already upset at losing his young, muscular body which he had to watch his friend control. The two stayed together and tried to find ways for their relationship to survive. 

Amy's attraction to Frank's old body maintained. Sexually frustrated and not willing to sleep with Frank, she came to him with a suggestion. And with that a new relationship dynamic that uniquely caused by the Great Shift was invented. Frank was being cucked by his old body and best friend at the same time, watching his gorgeous girlfriend be pounded whilst he sat in the corner watching intently from his sloppy body.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


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Jack had a big surprise for his partner. It was their ten year anniversary and he wanted to make it special. He'd been saving up for a few years for this. He'd just returned from the Swap Clinic and was patiently waiting for his partner Kimmy to return from work. 

At the Swap Clinic, he had bought a bunch of permanent swaps. Lots of qualities that he knew his partner liked that he just didn't have: tattoos, green eyes, a slimmer frame, longer, curlier hair. Whilst he was their he got some personal upgrades too. He'd always been insecure about his dick. It was average and he knew it. Kimmy never had an issue with it and in fact, his acknowledgement of his size made him compensate elsewhere in the bedroom. Hopefully, the bigger dick he got for a great bargain would be a positive. 

Kimmy was clearly confused when she came in, the guy in front of her looked remarkably like her husband but there were minor differences. Once Jack explained his changes and the reason why, Kimmy found it very sweet and the appreciation soon turned into attraction, just as he hoped. The foreplay didn't take long, Kimmy attractions got her ready very quickly. 

As she pulled out his new cock, she gasped and smirked. She told Jack that she liked his former size but alway wished it was just a bit bigger. She lay down on the bed and Jack prepared to enter her with his new member. The excitement seemed to get the better of him and he came prematurely. Something he'd never experienced before. As he would come to find out from the next attempt at sex (and any afterwards), the bargain he got for his new cock was because of an unlisted major flaw: chronic extreme premature ejaculation.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Couldn't refuse

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Jackson had washed all his money away gambling, he wouldn't be able to make rent this month. He was struggling for options, his work wouldn't give him an advance. He came across an ad for a new service at Swap Clinic: body rentals. 

Naturally he signed up and listed his body for as long as it took until his next payday. He listed his body for a modest price, he needed the money desperately. Despite this, after a day of no offers he got a massive one. It was 5x his original listing. He couldn't refuse. Due to anonymous account settings, all he knew was the he would be 43 years old and a women. He thought that it would be cool to be a women for a while and that 43 wasn't going to be an age where he had to worry too much about his health. 

On the day of the swap, he got out of the pod and was met with a familiar face in the mirror. His mum's ex-best friend, they'd had a major falling out a few years back. She was a good looking women for her age and had done well for herself, he just didn't understand why she did it. 

The text he got within minutes of the swap quickly explained that: 'Hi hun, sorry about this. The best way to get to your mum is through you so. I hope you like the outfit, I've worn my best lingerie underneath too. I left some toys out at home for you to play with. Have fun xxx I know I will'

Monday, May 13, 2024


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Kirsty was sobbing in her kitchen. She’d had another argument with her husband. Their relationship was falling apart and she knew it. He didn’t even seem to care. Ever since they got married, he’d started progressively being less invested in the relationship.

A flash of smoke engulfed the room. A figure like something out of a Disney movie announced themselves as ‘the relationship genie’. They told her that they were a magical universal entity assigned to providing those in relationships the chance to fix or enhance their relationship.

Hesitant, she played along and requested ‘I wish to be my Husband’s dream partner’. The genie smirked and waved their hand, vanishing in a puff of smoke Kirsty heard them mumble ‘finally an easy one’.

Momentarily she blacked out and quickly came to. She found she was stood up in an unfamiliar room. As processed her environment, she felt a pressure in her crotch, lowering her head to see the source of the sensation she was met with two very shocking sights. The first was her husband on his knees, his face covered in what was undoubtedly cum. The second was the source of the cum, a penis which was attached to an undeniably male body. 

You see the Genie had an easy solution to Kirsty's issues. Her relationship was failing because her husband had only married her to hide his homosexuality, a quality he only shared with his 'best friend' who he had been having an affair with. So when Kirsty asked to become his 'dream partner', she became his best friend. 

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Redneck bitch 2

 Part 1

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"Look big guy, unless you want laid, I'm not listening to you" Joanne spoke, noticing Victor once again about to try to appeal to her. Victor was this body's boyfriend, and Joanne did notice an affection for him. 

Victor felt so much pity from what he saw. Not for the inhabitant of the body, they knew what they were doing. The pity he felt was for his girlfriend Amy, stuck in a trashy women's body in a trailer on the outskirts of town. If she could see what had came of her body. Gone was the silky brunette locks replaced by messy blonde hair likely from shop-bought dye, the skinny eloquent figure was not showing some pudginess, the tasteful dress sense nowhere to be seen.

"Can't you undo this, she's learned her lesson." Victor pleaded.

"Not happening kid. Business is booming. Guys are loving this body. I've made some changes, was planning on getting some implants again but 'mummy' and 'daddy' have stopped contacting me... So do you want laid or not. I'll do it for free, for old times sake" The women smirked.

“Uh sure…” Victor hesitantly answered, worried about what kind of STD he would catch but struggling to decline.