Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Redneck bitch 1

Caption text

“I mean, it could be worse. You look pretty good for… for a…” Victor stumbled over his words.

“A what? A White Trash Redneck? A Trailer Park Whore?” Amy finished his sentence for him. 

Amy was a bit of snob. Your typical pretty, prissy teenage girl. Now she’s stood outside ‘her’ trailer, smoking cigarettes in the cold country air dressed to show her tacky midriff piercing, a glass of the cheapest wine by her hand. All things she’d never even consider weeks ago. Now, she had no choice with the curse affecting her.

Cut off in traffic by a rundown pickup truck. Confronting the driver in anger, Amy screamed at them, calling them all sorts of names. ’Redneck bitch’ would be the best way to summarise the message of her tirade. Clearly the Redneck women didn’t like what Amy said well, because she stole Amy’s life and curse Amy to life as the ‘Redneck bitch’.

She’s living it up in Amy’s sweet teenage body, taking advantage of her parents money and ruining her reputation. Meanwhile, Amy is stuck with a body 20 years older, a cigarette and alcohol addiction, living out of a wooden hut with wheels and struggling with some very backwards beliefs.

After the swap, she’d managed to convince her boyfriend Victor it was her. Victor had kept trying to see the good of the situation but Amy was in no mood to listen. Victor wasn’t just trying to brighten her up, Amy’s new body was an upgrade in at least one way: below the neck she was thick. Selfishly, he hoped he could convince her to sleep with him. He’d just have to put up with the kisses tasting of cigarettes and booze.

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