Tuesday, April 23, 2024



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The smirk painted Carrie’s new face. As the affair partner of a man she’d come to love, a man with a family and wife at stake, she had found a way to have her cake and eat it too. 

Brian, her affair partner, had came to her last week and told her that due to his Wife finding out about their time together, they had to end their 3 year ‘fling’ or she would expose him.

Brian was a unlike any man Carrie had dated before. Far more mature and romantic than any of the shitty guys Carrie’s age. Carrie couldn’t care that he was married, passion took over and this passion soon turned to genuine love. 

Desperate to get him back, devastated that he had ended it because of his bitchy Wife, Carrie reached out to her friend who was into all that weird witch stuff. Tarots, star signs, etc. Maybe she knew of a solution.

That she did… Carrie was given a sole solution. A devious plan was generated by the mistress and her friend, a possession incantation. With the help of her friend, Carrie would take Brian’s Wife’s life whilst she would be stuck observing her own body being driven by somebody else. 

Carrie hasn’t told Brian yet, she’s been keeping up the facade. It wasn’t that easy dealing with the kids or the new job but the loving passionate sex between the two was worth the sacrifice. From Brian’s perspective, he didn’t understand what had got into his wife. Maybe she was just glad that he had chosen her over that slut Carrie?Not that it was a hard choice. Either way he liked it.

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