Thursday, April 4, 2024

Post-shift therapy

Caption text
Freddie wrapped his new tiny mouth around the older man’s cock. The leathery skin rubbing against his lips. The old man’s penis too girthy for him to get further than just the head. 
The old man was his girlfriend, Emily and the mouth he was wrapping around her aged tip once belonged to Emily’s sister. The body that Emily now owned was a cranky old man from the neighbourhood.
Emily and Freddie were several weeks into post-shift therapy. The married couple wanted to rekindle their relationship and salvage what they could. The therapist has informed them that relationships were often more than physical, often the sexual attraction develops following last. With this the Therapist left them some homework: to take eachother on dates and see how things go.
Shockingly, the regular dates set the ball rolling on their relationship. Freddie never would’ve thought he’d see this old man as attractive but the more of Emily that shun through the more Freddie see a world where they could become physically involved again.
After their latest date and a breakthrough in therapy, Freddie made a suggestion that no doubt Emily would agree with. Taking his top off and unzipping Emily’s pants, with some urging Emily’s member stood to attention. Surprised by the size, Freddie was admittedly intimidated but knew there was no turning back.

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