Sunday, April 7, 2024


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Christian had gotten the body of Haley in Swap Class. He wasn’t actually sure who she was when her name was called out. When he seen her, he was distraught. She was that one completely nondescript, quiet girl that you would only remember for as long as she was in your point of view. 

Christian had hoped if he was going to be a girl, he could at least be a hot one. He knew that his friends were all going to make some low blows whilst he was stuck in this nerdy body for the next few weeks. 

When he got home, he figured he may as well investigate the situation. Taking his top and bra off, it was amazing. Haley had done a fantastic job hiding her perfect breasts, slim toned stomach and hourglass figure. 

Next taking off the glasses. It was like one of those cliche movies where by taking off glasses, suddenly the main girl looks like a supermodel. Maybe he should go to the pool party later, he’d definitely turn a few heads. 

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