Friday, April 19, 2024

Best friends

Caption text

“Fuck you” Grant said paired with a raised manicured middle finger, making the message clear to his smug friend Matt. The slight smirk and bright eyes on Grant’s thoughtfully painted face making it clear the insult was not heartfelt. 

The two had developed quite the love affair since the Great Shift. Grant swapped with their English teacher, Mrs Irvin, whilst Matt swapped with his own father. The only two of their friend group who hadn’t swapped with someone who was a fellow student. This initially brought the two together, a shared grievance to bond over. 

Eventually as things do with men and women, the friendship developed to something more. Both in age appropriate bodies for the other, it seemed that each inherited their biological maturity and preferences for those of a similar age. Matt made Grant feel desired and Grant made Matt forget he was in his father’s body. 

As their relationship evolved, so did the way they spent time together. Officially partners at this point, Grant does his best to look good for date night, it brings the best out of Matt when they get home. Now, with Matt’s cum dripping out of his vagina, he can’t help but make jokes. After all, it’s great when your partner is your best friend.