Monday, April 15, 2024


Caption text
The Role Exchanger hit whilst Jason was working his laborious janitorial job. He’d worked at this same store for years now, always cleaning up after everyone for years.
In the midst of cleaning some spilled milk, a blue light engulfed him followed by screaming. Witnessing the chaos around him, he ran to his storeroom distancing himself from the situation. During his  run he felt incredibly sluggish, the stress of the situation making his chest feel heavy. He felt weak, like he was running on mud.
Getting to the room, he saw that a young women in janitorial clothes was already there. A new hire? He walked towards her, she walked towards him. The ‘girl’ didn’t exist. In a stressed haze, he hadn’t realised he was looking in the mirror, at himself. The chaos of the scene had made him oblivious to his changes. 
The young women in the mirror was significantly younger and far better looking than he ever was. Inspecting his body, checking out his painted nails, his soft feminine arms where his old tattoos still present, he brushed his sizeable chest, that explains the heavy chest during his run. Looking to inspect further, it took just as sizeable of an effort to free them from his tight top. The breasts had once belonged to an obese women and now sat on his young and thin body making the contrast rather stark.
With the wide assortment of people within the store, he was lucky to have got such a great selection of traits. The best of which was not obvious upon surface level inspection. He’d got the acting and singing chops from a visiting Hollywood star. He’d no longer need to clean up other peoples messes for a living.


  1. Hey I tried to add a comment to your request page but unfortunately it kept stating that new comments could not be added. But anyways could you make a caption about a bully or friend possessing someone else’s girlfriend?

    1. The post has been edited to say that requests are currently closed hence why I also disabled comments.

  2. Awesome!! Role exchanger caps are the best!