Saturday, April 20, 2024

Amateur photography

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Danny used to be an amateur photography enthusiast. He spent a lot of his time outside of work just going on walks, taking pictures and sharing to his small instagram following. He’d make the odd bit of money by doing commission work for wedding or professional shoots.

When the Role Exchanger hit, he was glad to retain his photography knowledge and passion, although he did face more significant changes elsewhere. Now on the other side of the fence, he swapped genders. Additionally, he experienced an increase in muscle mass and an increased care for his outward performance. With the combined vanity and muscularity, he could be easily defined as a kind of ‘muscle barbie’. 

Now splitting his free time between the gym, learning makeup, fashion and hair, and photography, he has start to post to instagram more, his posts featuring more and more of his new form. A willingness to show himself off born from the Role Exchanger, complemented by knowledge of lighting, framing, contrast and other photography concepts.

His engagement seemed to spike massively from post-RE days. With the numbers he got, he didn’t need to do commission work to make some money on the side, and he didn’t need to pay for a model. If he embraced the muscle barbie nickname that filled the comment section, it might not need to be a side-gig either.

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