Thursday, April 25, 2024

Relationship issues

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“Slow down. This is pretty intense. Everything is so new to me.” Stella put a hand out to stop her Boyfriend Ian, a hand that 5 hours ago hadn’t belonged to her. His sexual frenzy taking over for and driving Stella over the edge. 

Ian and Stella had an argument earlier today, hurtful insults were hurled at each other. The last two sentiments the two exchanged were that Ian wished he could fuck Stella’s mother instead and that Stella wished he wanted to sleep with her. As things do in our karmic universe, the world found a way to solve their relationship issues.

The argument seemed to make the two very tired and so they took a quick nap in different rooms. Ian’s nap was quickly interrupted by a screech from Stella’s Mother’s room. The screech was that of Stella waking up in her Mother’s body. Worst of all when Ian entered the room to investigate, she didn’t have time to process before they jumped each other’s bones. A magical need to go at it. Stella had to explain her situation between breathless ecstasy she’d never felt the likes of. Unfamiliar sexual sensations filled her whilst Ian pounded away, his cock was as hard as it’d been, his consciousness washed away by a primal attraction.

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