Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Waking up grateful

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Dwayne hated the Great Shift. He hated being in this old women’s body. He hated having to pretend he didn’t. He hated that he had to keep up his PR on social media and interviews. At least when he did PR before the Great Shift, he just had to put on a smile and be his slightly altered self. 

As you’re probably aware, Dwayne was a huge celebrity. An NFL dropout to the best wrestler in the WWE to the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Then the Great Shift hit. 

Finding himself in the body of some snobby housewife, all of his work on his body and acting was pointless. It’s not like he was a great dramatic actor, and a grandma isn’t going to make a good action star. 

Since the Great Shift, he’s just sat on his stacks of money from his career and went radio silent. Observing how the world was evolving. Plenty of celebs were keeping their following after the Shift even in their new bodies. Chris Pratt now an asian schoolboy, Ariana Grande an obese man and more weird results from the Great Shift.

He wasn’t the only person who seen this, his publicist sent him a message that he was going to have to get back out there and make some public appearances. 

So he was forced to go to the gym to take a photoshoot. Some bullshit about post-shift acceptance. That was only the start of it. His team now has him on a media tour, preaching acceptance of new bodies, even though he hated his.

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