Monday, April 8, 2024


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Layla was sure that asshole, Brent was behind this all. She stared through the binoculars conveniently set near the window pointing at her old house. The view was something she’d never thought she’d have to witness. 

Brent was in the middle of a passionate self exploration. Plunging a bright red dildo into Layla’s pussy. She didn’t own a dildo… Brent had clearly bought one. The way Brent was positioned, Layla was convinced that he wanted to be seen. To taunt Layla.

Brent had put up a good act with her, convincing her that he didn’t know why they swapped bodies and that they should pretend to be eachother whilst they’re stuck as eachother. Eventually, weeks into being stuck in Brent’s teenage body she was starting to think otherwise.

As Layla watched her old body, the perfect tits swaying with each thrust, the well tanned even complexion, the dainty tight pussy being stretched by the sex toy, her teenage hormones took over. Maybe she should do some exploration too but for now she’ll stay to watch a few minutes longer.

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