Wednesday, April 3, 2024


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Jake and Jessie were avid hikers. They loved to spend their time outdoors, feeling the fresh breeze, hearing the birds cry and immersing themselves in the peaks they climbed. 

They did have a bit of a ‘tradition’ whilst hiking. As they summited each peak, they would sneak away to somewhere quiet and Jessie would give Jake head. Not always to completion but enough for Jake to take a picture with the distant horizon behind Jessie’s head bobbing up and down Jake’s dick.

The next peak on their bucket list was an obscure mountain in South America but between finances and time, the only feasible option was to use Swap Vacation. They’d just had to hope their bodies would be fit enough to do the climb. 

Fortunately, the bodies they found themselves in were in good shape. They were Americans who had settled in the country. The only downside was that Jake and Jessie found themselves in the body of the other gendered partner. 

On the hike, Jessie enjoyed the longer strides and strength to climb whilst Jake complained about being weaker and the bra digging into his back. To which Jessie replied ‘take it off then’, embracing the masculine mindset.

Summiting, Jessie was sure to inform Jake that it would be a shame to break their tradition. She was excited to be the receiving end of it this time. Jake reluctantly obliged, understanding she would do the same. Jessie made sure to captured the moment perfectly, gorgeous view included. She ‘accidentally’ uploaded it to her story, which Jake hadn’t noticed. 

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