Wednesday, May 1, 2024

My Sister's dreamlife

Caption Text

I'd always been a dick to my Sister. We fought constantly since we were kids. We were just off the back of another argument, I was being a bit childish and she challenged me on it. She’d given me the cold shoulder for a few hours. As a shooting star crossed over the sky above us and she missed it, I made a bit of a joke and told her that she could have my wish as an apology for being an asshole. She always loved that superstitious stuff. I asked her what her wish was but she said that would ruin it, I'd find out soon anyway.

The next morning, I woke up in a strange house. I was in a bedroom with large glass windows, the sun shining into the room past the blinds, the soft bedding wrapped loosely around me, and an attractive women I could see in the reflection of the full length mirror. My Sister must've made some really nice wish to make my life better. How weird, it’s not something that I would’ve expected from her.

I rose from bed, the women in the mirror doing the same. As I moved, a strange jiggling attracted my eyes to my chest. Before my eyes were two full breasts, slightly recoiling still by the movement earlier, long blond hair falling beside them both. The women in the mirror was myself. Taking a quick look, the women did look like my sister, just far more attractive.

Pulling on the clothes I could find: a skirt and heels (why I chose the heels seems weird in hindsight but felt natural). I explored the unfamiliar house until I was met with a familiar face. Andy, my friend and my Sister’s childhood crush. Without control, I slowly approached the man, swaying my shoulders to make my breasts looks appealing, got on my knees and pulled Andy’s trousers down, taking his cock in my hand.

My Sister’s wish had came true. She wished to be the perfect wife for Andy. As the wish belonged to me, here I am; the perfect wife. I cook, I clean, I put out and I swallow, loving every moment of it. 


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  2. Hey, I have another question for creating your own blog. How did you create the request page?

    1. No problem. Feel free to send me an email for any further issues. It's done by creating a page then linking it in the sidebar.