Tuesday, April 30, 2024


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My FiancĂ© Kate always talked about her attraction and interest in women and dream of experimenting but due to our relationship, she was sad to be locked out of one side of her sexuality. As a nice surprise for her birthday, before we tied the knot, I thought I would give her a chance to have the lesbian experience she hoped for. I’d use Swap Clinic for a temporary swap into a women’s body. Kate could experiment without the cheating. 

I found this eye-catching listing advertising  a 20 year old female body available to ‘rent’. The listing was perfect, young, pretty and cheap. It looked too good to be true and it was. I’d been caught in a catfishing scam. Now I was stuck in the body of some old women who by the look of it, had a busy past. Likely a prostitute or stripper.

I came home, I had planned to make a big reveal but the devastation I felt had long since washed those plans away. Obviously my partner was shocked to see a stranger women come into our house but a brief explanation quickly convinced her I was telling the truth. Surprisingly, she was really appreciative of the steps I went for her. 

Eventually I became used to my new body, my saggy fake tits with poorly healed scars, my chubby figure, my aches and pains. What made the adaption far easier was the support and love from Kate, who showed she still loved me for who I was, she revelled in the daily lesbian sex. Her ability to eat vagina far exceeds her blowjob skills, I’m having a dozen orgasms session.


  1. Hey I always find your captions great. It is great that we finally get some good new blogs, especially since OpenTg is getting down.
    I just recently started a blog myself. I have not posted much. But would you like to check it out?

    1. https://greatswaps.blogspot.com/

    2. But I am still working it out and finding out how blogspot functions. Would not like the blog to become known yet publicly.