Monday, May 6, 2024


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Tucker was sobbing, the warm liquid running down his chin, working it’s way down his chest. The salty taste linger in his mouth. He’d defiled  his fiancé’s body and had no choice in it.

He’d been at home with his fiancé Michelle when his bully Eric barged into their home. He tried to challenge the intruder but found that his body betrayed him. His thoughts were focused on confronting the intruder but his body remained seated. 

His body remained still and seated whilst his consciousness was transferred to his fiancé’s body. He could see in his old eyes that she was inside his body, stuck in a vegetative state.

Eric moved towards him, fear washed over Tucker. In his tiny frame, he had no hope of defending himself. The intruder reached out his hand. Tucker dwelled momentarily but all resistance washed away, he reached out and delicately connected with the man’s hand. Tucker’s small soft hands engulfed in Eric’s strong fingers. 

Eric lead Tucker to the bedroom. Eric obliging the man’s directions. He was undressing his female form, exaggerating movements to make a sexy show of it. His actions were clay in the hand’s of Eric. For the next few hours, he played the perfect sex doll for his bully, all within his fiancé’s body as she had to listen to his moans of pleasure from the other room, whilst frozen, no ability to move. 

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