Thursday, May 9, 2024


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Therapy business was booming following the Great Shift. Plenty of people had new issues that they had to resolve and process. Robin's practice struggled to keep up with demand. She herself was adapting to the experience of becoming a middle-aged man whilst balancing the cascade of issues coming through her door. 

There were some very interesting cases. A couple that now found themselves in two related bodies, a republic politician now a member of a marginalised and impoverished minority who was struggling to hold him former beliefs, a myriad of people struggling with race, gender or orientation changes. 

One particular patient stuck with Robin. Not because they had a unique or puzzling case. They stuck out to Robin because this patient helped Robin process a lot of her own issues. 

The patient had came to Robin with issues of dealing with their new found sex addiction. Robin confided in this patient that she too was struggling with the new hormones and urges of her male body. Much stronger and overpowering than when she was a women. One thing led to another and Robin broke a lot of rules of therapeutic practice that day, one of which being to not cum in your therapy patients.


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