Friday, May 17, 2024

Love remains

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Love after the Great Shift is a very complex and fluid thing. Often the emotional bonds remain but the physical attraction isn’t the same, whether it gets stronger or weaker. Sometimes the attraction stayed the same but got a whole lot more taboo…

This story is very much the case, it involves two lovers, Amy and Frank, and Frank's best friend Jalen. Frank had the worst swap of the three, he lost a lot of height and gained a lot of weight. He was still around the same age but his new body wasn't a looker. Jalen got Frank's body, not better or worse than his old one. Amy got the best swap of the three, she was overjoyed. She was good looking before but now she was gorgeous, tall, blond, pretty and thick in all the right places. Frank too was happy that his girlfriend was so pretty. 

This happiness only lasted so long, despite her love for Frank, she had not feelings for his new form. She had to break it to him very softly as she knew he was already upset at losing his young, muscular body which he had to watch his friend control. The two stayed together and tried to find ways for their relationship to survive. 

Amy's attraction to Frank's old body maintained. Sexually frustrated and not willing to sleep with Frank, she came to him with a suggestion. And with that a new relationship dynamic that uniquely caused by the Great Shift was invented. Frank was being cucked by his old body and best friend at the same time, watching his gorgeous girlfriend be pounded whilst he sat in the corner watching intently from his sloppy body.

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