Saturday, May 18, 2024

New Hobbies

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"Have you got enough?" Andy (left) said.

"How much did these all cost?" Phil (right) joined in.

My two best friends were busting my balls, not that I had any anymore. They were making fun of me in that sarcastic way that only male friend groups do, except now we were all women. The 'guys' came over for a few drinks and a catch up, we'd all been hit by the Great Shift but didn't let that affect our ability to bond over a few drinks except our new taste pallettes made them a bit fruiter.

Andy had swapped with his little sister, Phil with his fiance and I swapped with a stranger. I wasn't aware of the women but I would find out she was a major figure in the sex positive community. She had a podcast and did a lot of talks. She was really accommodating after the Shift, her sex positive mindset really helped me adjust. One day she arrived at my door with a suitcase full of sex toys and said I don't need these anymore, maybe you want them. 

I was initially very hesitant until one lonely night, where I unzipped the suitcase and went on a wonderful adventure. And that's how my sex toy collection started. It's long since expanded. I understand why the guys are shocked but I told them the story, even sharing some of my bodies original owner's thoughts on sex positivity post-shift and they seemed intrigued. By the end of the night, I was going through boozy demonstrations for the 'guys' as they followed suit. 

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