Monday, May 13, 2024


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Kirsty was sobbing in her kitchen. She’d had another argument with her husband. Their relationship was falling apart and she knew it. He didn’t even seem to care. Ever since they got married, he’d started progressively being less invested in the relationship.

A flash of smoke engulfed the room. A figure like something out of a Disney movie announced themselves as ‘the relationship genie’. They told her that they were a magical universal entity assigned to providing those in relationships the chance to fix or enhance their relationship.

Hesitant, she played along and requested ‘I wish to be my Husband’s dream partner’. The genie smirked and waved their hand, vanishing in a puff of smoke Kirsty heard them mumble ‘finally an easy one’.

Momentarily she blacked out and quickly came to. She found she was stood up in an unfamiliar room. As processed her environment, she felt a pressure in her crotch, lowering her head to see the source of the sensation she was met with two very shocking sights. The first was her husband on his knees, his face covered in what was undoubtedly cum. The second was the source of the cum, a penis which was attached to an undeniably male body. 

You see the Genie had an easy solution to Kirsty's issues. Her relationship was failing because her husband had only married her to hide his homosexuality, a quality he only shared with his 'best friend' who he had been having an affair with. So when Kirsty asked to become his 'dream partner', she became his best friend. 

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