Sunday, May 19, 2024

Old fashioned

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Gerald was excited for his time in Swapville. He was retired and thought it would be a good way to enjoy it, even if it meant being back in work. Hell, if he was lucky his body would kick the bucket and he'd get to keep the new one. When he got his brief for Swapville he knew he was lucky, he was going to be a 30 year old owner of a successful small business and he had a Hotwife. Gerald's ignorance didn't noticed nor understand why Hotwife was one word or capitalised. 

Gerald's first week was going good, he got on well with his new wife. She was banging hot and he made sure she knew it though she wasn't taking any of his advantages. Gerald was so busy as a small business owner that he didn't mind for now. 

He got home on the first Friday night, ready to initiate sex with his partner only to be welcomed to loud moans as he entered the bedroom. He was met with his 'wife' being plowed by some stranger. He tried to start a fight with the guy but a voice came over the house, it was the researchers for Swapville. They informed him that this would be an uncharacteristic action and that he must maintain his assigned role. 

Deflated, his 'wife' told him to take a seat and watch like he was meant too. When the initial anger subsided, he realised how much his new body enjoyed watching his wife be used by another man. Eventually, he began touching himself through his underwear to the view and came surprisingly quick. Despite being a old fashioned man, for the new few years, Gerald would be stuck in a 'modern' relationship, he'd have to educate himself on terms like 'pussy-free' and 'bull'.

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